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Colin Hanks to appear on London stage
Colin Hanks leaves gross-out flicks behind
Colin Hanks' father knows best?
Orange County
Hanks talks Roswell


Colin Hanks is to make his West End debut next month when he joins the cast of This Is Our Youth.

Matt Damon and Hayden Christensen have already appeared in the production at London's Garrick Theatre.

Hanks will co-star with Kieran Culkin and Alison Lohman from 13 November reports What's On Stage.

He stars in the forthcoming film Orange County which is released in the UK on 8 November. BACK TO THE TOP


21.01.02 - Colin Hanks isn't an enormous fan of the spit takes and body-fluids-in-beer gags that pepper many of the teen movies that have invaded movie theatres recently.

"[I'm] more interested in character than I am in practical jokes, because I think the jokes can be more funny once you know what the characters are like," Colin says in his hotel room in Toronto.  "I think character interaction and story is much more interesting than, you know, semen in the beer jokes.  I don't mean to single out American Pie but, you know, what's the harm in having a different kind of teen movie?"

When trailers for Colin's new teen comedy Orange County first hit, it looked as though the flick would be just another gross-out comedy, complete with Jack Black's (High Fidelity, Shallow Hal) wild, racy antics to fill the slapstick quotient.

But Orange County, surprisingly, has more heart than your average Road Trip.  The audience roots for Colin's character to escape from his nutty family and make it to university, only to find themselves praying he stays with his wholesome girlfriend and make amends with his insane parents.

"The first time I saw the movie I said, 'Wow, we're really trying to pull some string here,'" Colin says.  "We're really pulling people's heart chords here a little bit."

Colin, who admits he's been in "some really bad teen movies" (Get Over It, Whatever It Takes), doesn't think teenage movie-goers have been given enough credit lately, and hopes upcoming teen flicks get an additional few I.Q. points above the average of their predecessors.

"I don't know why they don't make enough smart teen movies," he says.  "I thought Ghost World was a great movie, but that's an indie movie that not a lot of people are going to go see.  Teens make up a huge chunk of the movie-going public but obviously not all of them are craving that intellectual kind of movie, but I hope that they sort of go in that direction.  I think it's flattering that I would sort of see part of that."

But Colin is quick to point out that he and the rest of the Orange County team don't want to consider themselves the "moral police" of teen comedies.  He also likes to have some fun - he just wants to make sure there's something left once the formerly geeky girl becomes the prom queen or the jock swallows some nasty fluids at a party.

If you're worried that there won't be any laughs in Orange County, consider Jack Black, who plays Colin's stoner brother in the movie and manages to run around in his underwear for most of the flick.

"[I'm] a huge Jack Black fan," says Colin.  "I've seen the majority of his movies, even the really bad movies like Neverending Story 3 and I'm a huge fan of his bad (Tenacious D), as well.  The only thing that was hard about working with him was trying not to laugh during the takes."

Colin says that if he'd been told four years ago he'd get to co-star with Jack, he'd never have believed it.  Just because Colin's the son of a famous actor (Tom Hanks, of course) doesn't mean his transition into the movie world has been a breeze.  The 24-year-old actor who, in addition to his teen romps, has starred on the TV show Roswell and in the mini-series Band of Brothers, says the roles he's offered are sometimes limited in variety.  He also hasn't lined up a new project yet to follow up Orange County.

Some might assume that the actor entered the family business simply because it was a natural fit, given the enormous success of his father.  But, although Colin is interested in a variety of subjects (including photography, music engineering, and Buddhism), acting was the only thing that he really excelled at.

"I took my sweet time trying to decide what it is I wanted to do, what I liked, what I didn't like, and acting was the one thing that I really enjoyed," he says.  "I love doing it, and it was the thing that I felt that I was the best at.  I was a horrible student, really bad.  I wasn't the most academic kid of the block, so it was a great choice to be able to get good grades on something I really enjoyed doing."

It was during his freshman year that Colin began testing the acting waters.  Coincidentally, a year of his university career was spent as Chapman University in...Orange County.

"Ours is a little bit larger than life, and we play up the stereotype a bit," Colin says about the real Orange County versus the movie version.

"[But it does have] that sort of surfer mentality of parties, very mellow, slow-going kind of place, very conservative sort of place and yet very dysfunctional at times, too.  But overall, I like Orange County.  I think it's a great place."

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20.01.02 - From TV Guide Online:

Ask most youngsters, and they'll tell you that figuring out what you want to be when you grow up is hard.  But ask the son of two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks and actress Samantha Lewes, and he'll tell you that it's really hard.

"[My parents] were always supportive," 24-year-old Colin Hanks tells TV Guide Online.  "They never said, 'Do [go into showbiz]' or, 'Don't do it.'  They said, 'Whatever you want to do, go for it.  And if you want to [perform] as a profession, you could cut it, but you've got to really want to.'"

In other words, Hanks' folks placed the burden of career planning squarely on his shoulders.  "[They said], 'You've got to make the decision,'" he recalls, "which was the best thing they could have possibly done.  And they saw every play I ever did, even when I wasn't living in Los Angeles."

The former Roswell regular finally settled upon a direction for his life through a process of elimination.  "I came to a conclusion that I really, really enjoyed [acting], and it was the one thing that I was good at," he laughs.  "I was a horrible student, and I was sick of the question, 'What's your major?'"

However, the former theatre major was able to put his experience as an undeclared collegian to good use in his work on the new film Orange County (now playing in the US) - though not in the way that you'd probably assume.  Given his family's blessing to matriculate anywhere he liked, he briefly enrolled at Chapman University in Orange County, California - the very county from which his feature character is desperately trying to escape.

"I didn't do the college thing right.  I didn't know where I wanted to go, and I just sort of ended up picking a spot," he admits.  "It's a great school, and I learned a lot there.  But to be quite honest, I picked it because it had the nicest dorms."

"Not a good way," he concludes, "to pick where you're going to go to college!"  BACK TO THE TOP


05.01.2001 - According to the Hollywood Reporter, Colin Hanks is set to headline Paramount Pictures' new comedy Orange County for MTV Films.

The film goes before the camera at the end of the month in Los Angeles and Hanks will shoot it simultaneously with his WB Network series.

County, written by Mike White (Chuck & Buck, Dawson's Creek), is about a high school senior (Hanks) at an Orange County, Ca., high school who dreams of going to Stanford University.  Things go awry, however, when his guidance counsellor mistakenly sends out the wrong transcripts and ruins his chances of getting in.  A series of mishaps occurs as he makes several attempts to get into the school.  As his dream slowly slips away, he begins to gain an appreciation of everything he has around him.

Hanks will next star in the HBO drama A Band of Brothers which is being helmed by his father Tom Hanks and Miramax's romantic comedy Get Over It opposite Kirsten Dunst and Ben Foster.



06.11.2000 - Colin Hanks, one of the cast of the WB's Roswell TV series is talking about how much he enjoys working on the programme.  While talking to the NY Daily News, the actor commented on his feeling of security on the series, saying, "I'm just happy to be working.  I'm just a 22-year-old actor in L.A. who works consistently.  That's what really comforts me, that I'm working and I have money to put food on the table."

Regarding the second season of the show, Hanks says, "We know more about their history and their purpose.  We're seven episode deep [into production].  We've been exploring all sorts of story lines about other aliens out to get us and trying to keep it a secret... We push the science fiction now, which is great because it opens up so many doors."

Hanks also talks very favourably about last year's fan campaign to keep the show on the air, saying, "It was great.  That way, you know that people are actually watching the show and they like it... It's praise for a job well done."

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