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the women of cult television

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"pulse" was hands-on for bell

3 august • sci-fi wire


• "it was totally freaky"

Kristen Bell has told Sci Fi Wire that a key scene in the forthcoming supernatural horror film Pulse, in which she is attacked by thousands of supernatural creatures, was shot with only a few very real stunt performers. In the scene, Bell's character, Mattie, is borne aloft on a sea of arms and hands, which grab her and pull her down.

In reality, Bell said, she was standing against a green screen that had slots cut into it. But "all the hands that are actually touching me are real, which was sort of [weird]," Bell said in an interview. "There was a lot of hand choreography involved." On cue, performers behind the screen reached through the slots around Bell and grabbed her, pulling her against the screen.

"They were really respectful about it, because it's very ... I get claustrophobic easily in general, so I was a little bit nervous about doing it," Bell said. "But it was up against a green screen, and they slit holes for everybody's hands, and there were 12 guys back there, and they did the choreography of, like, where they'd [grab me]. And then everybody sanitised their hands and ... the camera was like dead on, and I started to scream, and they grabbed and pulled me back. And I also pulled back myself, too, but it was really, ... yeah, it was totally freaky."

Bell plays a college student who finds that friends are disappearing after exposure to electronic devices that seem to channel supernatural creatures. Based on the Japanese horror film Kairo, Pulse opens in the US on 11 August. back to the top

eliza dushku signs on for "sex and breakfast"

3 august


• alexis dziena co-stars

Eliza Dushku has signed on to play one of the leads in the dark comedy Sex and Breakfast. Macaulay Culkin will play the other, while Alexis Dziena (Invasion) and Kuno Becker (Goal!) co-star in the film, which is now shooting.

Written and directed by Miles Brandman, the project apparently focuses on a couple who go to a relationship therapist with intimacy problems. The recommendation? Group sex.

"I read a lot of material and loved the script," Culkin told Variety. "It's really about the pressure that leads them to experiment, the anticipation leading up to the event and then the fallout." back to the top