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veronica mars goes to college

31 july


• minor spoilers for season 3

Over the last couple of years, several US series (most notably 24) have run uninterrupted, without the traditional breaks for repeats. Next year, Veronica Mars will join the club.

In a move to make things easier for viewers, the third season will be divided into three separate mysteries - of nine, seven and six episodes - that will each run uninterrupted.

The first will see Veronica solving the rapes at Hearst College, a storyline which began in last season's The Rapes of Graff. This storyline sees Veronica going undercover at a sorority in order to crack the case.

Executive producer Rob Thomas is hoping to get Arrested Development's Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat to return as Dean and Stacy, but both are busy with other projects and make not be able to make it. Thomas has also confirmed that Teddy Dunn will not be returning as Duncan, but that Tina Majorino's Mac is now a regular character. back to the top