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the women of cult television

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    29 june
    keira's "pirates" booty
    "just give me one kiss; give me one kiss, please!"

    20 june
    katherine heigl engaged
    "grey's anatomy" star engaged to singer

    15 june

    jessica alba boards "good luck chuck"
    she plays a serial dater's true love in lionsgate comedy

    alba replaces lohan

    14 june • tv guide online


    • "fantastic 4" star replaces lindsay lohan in "bill"

    Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba has snatched up Lindsday Lohan's role in the new movie Bill, after the teen actor abruptly quit the film because the first-time directors weren't well-known enough.

    The movie, which also stars Aaron Eckhart and Amanda Peet, began production on Thursday.

    Lohan pulled out of the film on Tuesday, claiming she wanted to work with only big-name directors. back to the top


    14 june


    • "buffy" actress in albania and kosovo

    Eliza Dusku is taking a very particular souvenir from her visit to her father's homeland - a double-headed eagle, modelled after the one on Albania's flag.

    Dushku had the tattoo done on her backduring her first visit to Albania and Kosovo. She said she was impressed by the welcome and the honours she received during the trip, which included meeting Kosovo's Prime Minister Agim Ceku.

    "I'm flattered and taken aback, and yet it makes me want to be an even louder and prouder Albanian," Dushku said, as she sat for a lunch with family and friends accompanying her during the visit to the UN-administered province. She also laid a wreath at the grave of Kosovo's late president Ibrahim Rugova.

    "It's very emotional," she said, displaying a rubber bracelet advocating independence for Kosovo. "There's so many emotions running through my soul, my mind and my heart."

    Dushku, who said she always wanted to visit Kosovo, was there as part of a brief visit that took her to Albania as a guest in a song festival bringing together musicians from European countries. But she might be going back soon. During her three-day stay in Kosovo, she crossed paths with a South African filmmaker who is trying to put together a movie about the town of Djakovica, from which 1,000 people went missing during the 1998-99 war. "She said she went to bed and was thinking about it and that she envisioned me," Dushku said. "I think that will be amazing." back to the top