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the women of cult television

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garner devastated by the end of "alias"

26 april


• "now it's time for sydney to go off into the sunset"

Jennifer Garner is devastated that Alias is ending after five seasons, because her character is such an integral part of her life.

Garner, who plays superspy Sydney Bristow, is happy the show is finishing its run while it's on top.

She explains: "It feels like it's time. To me, this show had a finite amount of stories that we could tell.

"[The writers] shove a ton of story into every episode. So we've told, in five years, what some people would do in seven seasons.

"We've done Sydney right, and now it's time for her to go off into the sunset.

"But that doesn't mean that my heart doesn't break, and I'm not going through a total identity crisis, because I am." back to the top

katherine heigl gets "knocked up"

18 april


• takes over lead in "40-year-old virgin" follow-up

Katherine Heigl has been cast as the female lead in Knocked Up, the follow-up to writer/director Judd Apatorw's hugely successful comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin, taking over from Anne Hathaway who dropped out of the project for creative reasons.

The cast includes Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, all of whom appeared in the first movie. Apatow is producing Knocked Up with Shauna Robertson and Clayton Townsend. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are executive producing.

The film revolves around two people who have a one night stand but realise they are not right for each other - and the consequences of the unexpected pregnancy that results form their romantic liaison.

The comedy/romance is scheduled for a 2007 theatrical release. back to the top

garner for "sailor moon" film?

17 april


• jen and lohan for live-action film of anime series?

According to the Japanese magazine Animage, Fox is considering Jennifer Garner as the main villain in a live-action adaptation of the anime series Sailor Moon. Fox is also hoping to sign up Lindsay Lohan as part of an all non-Asian cast, and for Joss Whedon to write and direct it. back to the top

"charmed" spinoffs unlikely

7 april


• kaley wants sitcom return

An edict from The WB called for the possibility of Charmed spinoffs when the series ends its eight-year run this May.

"We started this season with a mandate to come up with a way to keep the show going or have some spinoff characters," said executive producer Brad Kern. "That's the way that The WB picked up the show."

However, given the comments made by Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan it's unlikely that either Piper or Paige will be returning anytime soon, while Kaley Cuoco is said to prefer returning to sitcoms rather than reprising her role as Billie. back to the top

amber tamblyn on "the grudge 2"

5 april


• "i'd probably move here if i could"

Amber Tamblyn (right), who stars in the upcoming horror sequel The Grudge 2, told Sci Fi Wire that she's following in the footsteps of her actor father, Russ Tamblyn, who travelled to Japan in the 1960s to shoot the Japanese monster movie War of the Gargantuas, and whose 1963 horror movie The Haunting affected Grudge creator Takashi Shimizu.

"Shimizu-san was a really big, huge fan of The Haunting, which my dad was in," Tamblyn said in an interview between takes on the set of the movie at Toho Studios on April 3. "So when my dad came, he was sort of like [mimes fumbling nervously with her pockets] ... doing all of this with his pockets. It was really cute."

In The Grudge 2, the sequel to 2004's hit ghost movie, Tamblyn plays Aubrey, the younger sister of Sarah Michelle Gellar's Karen from the first movie. Aubrey comes to Tokyo to investigate the mysterious events surrounding her sister's fate. Tamblyn's father and mother are currently in Tokyo for a couple of weeks to spend time with their daughter while she shoots The Grudge 2.

"He just loved it here," Amber said of her father. "This is his fourth trip to Japan. He really loved it, although this time it was a little different, because when they came in, they got in an accident on the way in from the airport, which was like a really bizarre experience. My mother, who had never been here before, was a little traumatised by that. But besides that, he loves Japan. And I told him ... that they were really excited [to meet him], because of War of the Gargantuas. It's like a huge film here. And ... I think they're filming, like, another Godzilla, so every once in a while I'll be sitting outside to get some sun at lunch, and, like between the two buildings, the two studios buildings, I'll just see this giant thing being, like, pulled by eight men, this giant, like, Godzilla going through between buildings."

Tamblyn, who played the title character in Joan of Arcadia, is in Japan for about two months to shoot the film. She described her character: "Aubrey [is] Karen's younger sister. And she's sort of always been the underdog in the family and somebody who is not as ambitious or driven as her sister, as Karen's character. So she's sort of always felt like she'd had to follow in her sister's footsteps. And even her mother sending her to Japan to figure out what happened to her ... sister - she wants to figure out where she went and what happened and all this stuff about fire - I think she's even nervous about that, because it's the first time she's ever had to experience something on her own. And it's something that scares her, because she doesn't know anyhing about it, and she's really alone in the whole scheme of things."

As for her own experience of Japan? "It's been amazing," Tamblyn said. "I'm actually extending my stay 15 days past wrap so that I can travel. I'd probably move here if I could." The Grudge 2 opens in the US on 13 October. back to the top

"grey's anatomy" on five

5 april


• katherine heigl medical drama starts tomorrow

Five are giving it plenty of promotion so they're obviously expecting big things from medical drama Grey's Anatomy when it starts tomorrow (Thursday 6 April) at 10pm.

Former Roswell star Katherine Heigl stars as intern Isobel "Izzie" Stevens in the series, which is currently finishing its second season in the US.

In addition, the series will be released on region 2 DVD on 17 July 2006 in a four-disc boxed set. back to the top

hefner apologises to alba

5 april


• "we are among your biggest fans"

Jessica Alba forgave Playboy yesterday for making her an unwitting cover girl after founder Hugh Hefner sent the actress a personal apology and pledged to donate money to her favourite charities.

Alba had threatened to sue Playboy after the magazine printed a photo of the bikini-clad actress from her 2005 movie Into the Blue on the cover of its March issue - which she said duped readers into thinking she was nude inside.

"In light of Mr. Hefner's personal apology for Playboy's unauthorised use of my photo on their cover, I have decided to discontinue my claims about them," Alba said in a written statement.

"This was never about money, it was about setting the record straight about something that was done without my knowledge or consent," she added.

Alba's lawyers, who claimed that Playboy tricked Sony Pictures Entertainment into supplying the photo after she refused to pose for the cover, had also asked that the magazine pull the March issue from newsstands.

Playboy initially had claimed to have "done nothing wrong" in featuring Alba on the cover after she was chosen "sexist star of the year" by its readers in an online poll.

In his letter to Alba, Hefner apologised for "any distress unintentionally caused by the publication of your photo," on the March cover.

"What was intended as a tribute to your tremendous popularity has been misinterpreted by some as something else for which we are truly sorry since we are among your biggest fans," Hefner said.

A representative for Alba said the actress did not file a lawsuit against Playboy but that her lawyers had been speaking to attorneys for the magazine.

He said that Playboy had agreed to make donations, in a sum he would not disclose, to two charities supported by the actress. back to the top

"charmed" cast blast the wb

3 april


• "this seems like the last annoying pissing match"

With the end of its eighth and final season approaching, the cast of Charmed have blasted The WB's handling of the series. "We were never treated that well," Holly Marie Combs told Sci Fi Wire. "We were never promoted properly by the network. The only way we ever got a billboard on Sunset Boulevard was when Shannen [Doherty] called up and insisted."

"Then, the network dishonours us by saying we were cancelled, axed, cut," Rose McGowan said. "They asked me if I wanted to be a producer, too, [her co-stars Combs and Alyssa Milano were made producers from the fourth season] and I asked if there was more money attached to that, and they said, 'No,' and I said, 'Forget it.' ... This last thing about being cancelled seems like the last annoying pissing match going on with the show. It was extremely rude."

Both Combs and McGowan said that their contracts run out after the eighth season, and none of them had planned on returning anyway. "There was nothing to cancel," McGowan said. "They didn't have us. ... Instead, we continue to get treated like the ugly stepchild of the network. Anyway, I'm proud of what we accomplished."

Charmed made history as the longest-running TV series featuring multiple female leads, surpassing Laverne & Shirley by half a season. "No one expected us to last more than three episodes, and here we had ratings that were higher than Buffy at times," executive producer Brad Kern said. "We had no lead-in show. We were moved about a lot, and it still lasted as long as it did."

The two-part series finale will air on 21 May. back to the top

carpenter craves wonder woman

3 april


• "i'm not holding my breath...but i am crossing my fingers and toes"

Charisma Carpenter is making no secret of the fact that she wants the role of Wonder Woman in the forthcoming movie written and directed by Buffy creator Joss Whedon.

When a reporter remarked that the role would be "a great fit" for Carpenter, she said, "I know! From your lips to God's ears...or Joss's or Joel's [producer Joel Silver]..." The actress has a young son, Donovan, who is nearly three years old and has said she'd put off having another baby in order to score the plum role. She adds, "I'd like to (have another baby) eventually, but I want Wonder Woman right now." "I'm not holding my breath, but I'm crossing my fingers and toes and praying."

The current favourite for the role is Lindsay Lohan. back to the top