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jessica alba is "awake"

31 january


• "i think people will be very impressed"

Talking to Entertainment Tonight about her new film Awake, Jessica Alba had this to say: "For whatever [reason], I've always had big commercial movies and I've had pretty one-dimensional characters and the writing isn't great. [For this role] I'm not being told I have to smile twice in the scene because people want the leading lady to smile."

Hayden Christensen and Golden Globe nominee Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow) round out the cast of the new psychological thriller aout "anaesthetic awareness," a horrifyingly common phenomenon where a patient wakes up and becomes fully conscious - but physically paralysed - during surgery.

Christensen plays the unlucky patient who wakes up while the surgeons are performing heart surgery. Howard is his doctor and best friend, and Alba his loving wife, who is forced to struggle with her own demons as a terrifying drama unfolds around the couple.

"She goes through loving someone who she knows she can't love forever, because there's an expiration date on someone with a weak heart," she explains.

"That was the biggest challenge," Christensen told ET about performing his unique task. "To get myself into some Zen-like space where I could just be still for an hour-and-a-half on end ... I sing songs in my head, recount old memories, that sort of thing."

"You see, for the other actors, we think Hayden got the cushy job," interjects Howard, "because half the movie he gets to sleep on the table. You would love to go to work and just lay there with your eyes closed."

While Christensen worked on achieving a Zen-like state while hidden under a prosthetic body to "operate" on, Howard did his own research by stepping into an actual operating room during real-life surgery.

"I couldn't get enough of it," he says. "You think that you're going to be in the observation room, but no, you're standing right over the lead surgeon's shoulder with the heart being as far away from my face as my knee is, and watching the entire procedure, whether it's an aortic valve replacement or a transplant. To be that close to life or death, it's amazing."

As for working with their female co-star, the boys are nothing but diplomatic when talking about Jessica. "She's really crafted a nice performance in this film," says Christensen. "I think people will be very impressed."

"You would like for her to be your friend," adds Terrence. "That's how warm and wonderful she is." back to the top

baccarin for wonder woman?

16 january


• whedon "makes it up" to "serenity" actress

Brazilian actress Morena Baccarin has emerged as the new favourite to play Wonder Woman on the big screen.

According to fansite, Joss Whedon let slip on the Serenity DVD commentary track that Baccarin is his new personal favourite for the role.

In discussing a deleted scene, Whedon suggests the actress looked "too much like Wonder Woman," and later when he discusses why so many of Baccarin's scenes were cut, he states he made a point of "making it up to her later," suggesting the Brazilian already has the Wonder Woman job.

Whedon has made no secret of the fact that he thinks the actress, who he worked with on both Firefly and Serenity, would make a good Wonder Woman - he even told fans at last yera's Comic-Con event in San Diego that she was a top choice.

Internet reports suggest that Whedon wants Baccarin for the role, while producer Joel Silver, who initially wanted Kim Basinger (!) to don the Wonder Woman suit, is fighting for Jessica Alba. back to the top