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the women of cult television

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neptune's illicit lovers bare it all

22 november


• "it's weird to see her with her clothes on"

With the possible exception of Lost, UPN's Veronica Mars is the best thing on television at the moment, and one that's well worth checking out if you're a Buffy fan. Apart from great characters and cracking dialogue, season one also saw a couple of guest appearances from Alyson Hannigan as Trina Echolls, while this year we've had a cameo from Joss Whedon and a recurring role for Charisma Carpenter as trophy wife Kendall Casablancas.

Last Wednesday's episode saw the on-screen affair between Kendall and Veronica's ex Logan Echolls take an even naughtier twist, but Logan-and-Veronica fans are hardly thrilled at these developments. "After Veronica, Logan may be the most adored character on the show," says creator Rob Thomas. "But we're having fun with those two broken up."

TV Guide: What do you think the attraction is between your characters?

Jason Dohring: There's a little bit of that Mrs. Robinson thing. For a kid in high school to be in a relationship with an older woman, a hot girl like that? Damn, man.

Charisma Carpenter: I think when you have somebody like Logan puppy-doggin' after you and giving you all that attention, it just feels good. Besides, I don't think Kendall is the most well-adjusted woman. [Laughs] And since I'm married to an older man [on the show], I suspect the sex is a little longer and better with Logan.

TV Guide: How did the two of you first meet?

Carpenter: We sat next to one another at Comic Con. Jason was very polite. He lent me his microphone. But we didn't formally meet [until we were] on the [Mars] set.

Dohring: She was naked [for the scene] and I was like, "Hi, I'm Jason." It's weird to see her with her clothes on. [Laughs]

TV Guide: Have you two gotten comfortable shooting all those love scenes?

Dohring: Every time we're with each other, we have our clothes off! The first time kind of breaks the ice. Now, we just fire back and forth with the banter. She plays a great bitch, and I play a great man-bitch, so it's cool.

Carpenter: We have a running joke. Every time we get into bed with each other, Jason and I ask how our spouses are doing.

Dohring: Charisma's like, "How's your wife?" I'm like, "She's fine. How's your husband?"

Carpenter: It helps me trust [Jason] a little bit more. I know there's no funny stuff and we're both fully committed [to our spouses]. And our spouses have met, so we're all good.

TV Guide: Some fans really don't like Kendall and Logan together. How does that feel?

Carpenter: I always get that. [Cordelia] was Angel's second love and the fans wouldn't have it. They were like, "There's only one love and it's Buffy!" And that's exactly how it is again. "There's only one love for Logan! It's Veronica." So I'm used to it.

Dohring: [With Logan and Kendall], it's just physical. I think Veronica's the only one who can fill the hole in Logan's life.

Carpenter: Are you really thinking about Veronica right now?! [Laughs]

TV Guide: Do you pay attention to what the fans say?

Dohring: I check it out. Not recently, though, because I started changing my acting based on what I thought they would like and I was like, "No, I can't do that, man."

TV Guide: Kendall's wardrobe is either skimpy or, uh, skimpy. Charisma, have you kicked your workouts up a notch since landing this role?

Carpenter: Yes! Are you kidding me? Somebody told me, "You're gonna be in a bikini a lot." When I heard that, let me tell you, I started double workouts. Cardio every day.

TV Guide: Your former boss, Joss Whedon, has recently come out as a huge Veronica Mars fan and even did a cameo in the 9 November episode. How does that fell?

Carpenter: I have a tremendous respect for Joss. He's sort of like, well, not my dad, but I do want his approval. I worked for him for seven years and I think he's a genius. So when I see him giving Veronica Mars the stamp of approval, it makes me even more excited to be a part of it. It makes me feel like I made a very good choice, and that my instincts were right.

TV Guide: What can you tell us about the upcoming death of a major character on the show?

Carpenter: It's got to be Duncan. He's just too nice! [Pause] No, he's too valuable.

Dohring: Anybody, save Veronica, could be gone. It's destabilising when all of a sudden you get news that someone's going to die and you're like, "That's gonna happen? Whoa." [Most of the cast has] been on this show together since the beginning, and it's hard. But [the death] is done in a very classy way.

TV Guide: Hmmm. Give us some more scoop. What's going to happen between your characters?

Carpenter: My husband left me high and dry so [the 16 November episode] is about me trying to figure out how I'm supposed to survive.

Dohring: Kendall tries to get me to be her sugar daddy and I'm like, "No way, baby. No way." The stuff I say is ridiculous. It's so funny."

Carpenter: [The 30 November episode] shows you just how low I'm willing to go. It's totally salacious, bitchy fun. The claws really come out. Look out! back to the top

bbc shrugs off "piper quits" story

11 november


• "we are still working on the second series"

The BBC has declined to comment on reports in yesterday's Daily Mirror that Billie Piper is to leave Doctor Who at the end of season 28.

The Mirror reported that Piper, 23, wanted to avoid being typecast.

A BBC spokesman said: "We are not commenting on the third series - we are still working on the second series."

"Rose has a whole new journey and a fantastic set of adventures to go on with the brand new Doctor, starting in the special on Christmas Day," he added.

"Viewers will then see them in a host of scary and exciting stories in a new series next year." back to the top

jessica alba, horny maid

10 november


• "if i just want to fuck somebody i don't want to see him every day during filming"

Jessica Alba says she's afraid of being typecast because she only gets roles as a whore or sexy maid.

The actress said, "The scripts I get are always for the whore, or the motorcycle chick in leather, or the horny maid.

"I get all those screenplays that start, 'Tawnya is in the shower. The water streams down her naked, perky breasts'.

"Somehow, I don't think this is happening to Natalie Portman."

Although Alba spent most of Into The Blue in a bikini she has previously said she won't be taking everything off on-screen. However, she told Zoo magazine: "I'm going to have to face it - when a big director who I really respect has an amazing story, it might be necessary to do a nude scene.

"But I probably couldn't sleep well at night being naked in a movie. My father would lose his mind."

Jessica also revealed that she has been propositioned by several directors while auditioning for roles.

She said: "Of course I've been asked.

"But from a really crass point of view, if I just want to fuck somebody, I don't really want to see him in the morning, much less every day during filming." back to the top