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the women of cult television

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jessica alba's "into the blue"

30 september • cbs news


• "it's a good date movie"

After starring in the spring's biggest hit, Sin City, Jessica Alba looks to keep her winning streak rolling with the big sea adventure Into The Blue, which is set in the Bahamas.

"I get to get paid to go scuba diving for four months in the Caribbean? Fine!" Alba told CBS' The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm.

She was not aware that most of the filming was going to take place during the chilly winter months in waters frequented by sharks.

"The director (John Stockwell) was pretty adamant there was going to be no digital sharks," Alba says. "Basically any shark in the area came around and they plopped us in the middle. Giant, wild sharks around us all the time throughout the movie."

Alba says sharks are "not smart animals, which is why people do get bit once in a while. I was wearing a wet suit that was silver. So when I move around, it believed my head was a fish. So this shark with his mouth open was coming towards me head. I pushed it away because I freaked out. And the director later told me that that was happening to my double all day. He was like, 'I wasn't sure if it was going to happen to you.' I'm like, 'Thanks for the heads up!'"

Her character, Samantha "Sam" Nicholson, her boyfriend Jared Cole (Paul Walker), and two other friends come upon a legendary shipwreck that is rumoured to contain millions of dollars in gold.

When Alba worked on The New Adventures of Flipper, she started free diving. That experience served her well on this movie, too.

"Free driving is like an extreme sports version of snorkeling," Alba says. "That's about 50 feet deep. And basically what you do is you hold your breath and you wear a weight belt and go down as fast as possible and hold your breath for minutes at a time."

It got pretty competitive with the other members of the cast, too. "I think I had the longest breath-hold. It was like one minute 20 seconds," she says.

Alba says Into The Blue is a "good date movie. I mean, there are women in bathing suits, but there are men in bathing suits." back to the top

acker and hannigan in "spike" tv movie?

30 september


• "if she has time, alyson should be busy doing 'veronica mars'"

Speaking to TV Guide Joss Whedon that he's spoken to former Angel star Amy Acker about starring in the much-talked-about Spike TV movie:

Can you tell us if you've spoken to anyone aside from James [Marsters] about appearing in the movie?

Yes, I have.

Amy Acker?

Yes, I have. Well, you know, I see Amy a lot, I see Alyson [Hannigan] a lot and Alexis [Denisof]. I've spoken to a couple of people just because we're making conversation, and they don't hate the idea. The worst thing that could happen is that somebody would be too busy because, as we know, all of my alumni are taking over the world.

Do you see Alyson/Willow being a part of it?

You know, if I get a chance to use Alyson, I'll use Alyson. That's a given. There's no maybe about that. The maybe is, does she have time? And if she does have time, shouldn't she be busy doing Veronica Mars, where we need to know more about her character?

Hannigan is currently starring in the comedy How I Met Your Mother, so it's unlikely that she'll be able to reprise her role as Trina Echolls. Whedon, however, has a cameo in the sixth episode of the new season of the UPN series, the first season of which comes to the UK next Monday on LivingTV. Former Buffy and Angel regular Charisma Carpenter has a recurring role in season two as trophy wife Kendall Casablancas. back to the top

jessica alba: digitally enhanced

27 september


• "it's all airbrushed"

Just as Keira Knightley was given more cleavage for the King Arthur poster, Jessica Alba has confessed that her breasts were made bigger on the poster for her new movie Into The Blue. The actress, who spent a lot of the film in a skimpy bikini, had admitted that computer wizards digitally enhanced her bust in the picture.

She revealed: "They enhanced my chest a little bit. They always do it. And in the poster for Fantastic Four - they did it big time!"

However, she claims she doesn't mind being made to look curvier than she really is.

She said: "I really don't think it's that big a deal. It's a movie poster. It's all pretend. It's all airbrushed."

And Jessica's Into The Blue co-star Paul Walker insists she looks just as sexy in real life. He told American TV show Access Hollywood: "Well, you look at her and you go, 'Oh my gosh, that girl is just gorgeous.'" back to the top

gellar morphed into "tales"

22 september • sci fi wire


• "i signed on instantly"

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who plays an entrepreneurial porn star in Richard Kelly's forthcoming SF apocalyptic comedy Southland Tales, has told Sci Fi Wire that she originally auditioned for another role before getting the lead female part.

"I was originally playing Amy Poehler's character, and Amy Poehler was playing my character," Gellar said. The character was a struggling actress who works as a waitress - and dies in the first half hour of the movioe.

"Richard called one day and said, 'You know, I want to pitch this movie to you,'" Gellar recalled. "And I said, 'Great. I'm going to Japan tomorrow [to work on The Grudge], and I'll be back in two months.' ... and he said, 'No. Tomorrow.' And I was like, 'I'm going to the airport.' And he's like, 'I'll meet you there.' And I'm like, 'You're kidding, right?' I didn't even know him. ... He's like, 'No, no, no!' And I said, 'Well, could you just send me the script?' And he says, 'No, no, no. I have to explain it to you. It's visual. I have to show it to you.' And I was like, 'Who is this crazy person?' So then I went and had lunch with him ... that fateful day. I went and had lunch with him before I went to the airport, and he pitched this just spectacular idea, and my favourite part of this whole story was we must have met for about three hours and he brought video footage to show me, these visuals of colours and sketches and all this. And my character, ... she wants to be this actress, but she's struggling, because she's working at [California Pizza Kitchen], but she knows she has a greater gift, and her dad is supporting her, and she's cutting an album. ... It's so exciting. I get on the airplane to read it, and my character died in the first 30 pages in that draft. And I was like, 'I spent three hours, and I die in the first 30 pages?' And it just showed how spectacularly rich Richard's ideas were, because everything was so fully developed to him. And I signed on instantly, before I even read it."

Eventually, Kelly and Gellar decided her role should be bigger, and also that he needed to expand another character, a porn actress named Krysta Now, which at the time was being played by Poehler. "He had this idea that the Krysta character would be in love with Boxer [Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson], and through different things we just sort of realised that Amy and I would probably be better off swapping," Gellar recalled. Southland Tales is currently in production with an eye to a 2006 release. back to the top

"charmed" season 8: paige gets the guy

20 september • the olympian online


• "we need some dudes"

As Charmed wound down its seventh season last spring, star Rose McGowan was lamenting the sorry love life of her character, Paige.

"Why can't I get a guy? Only Alyssa gets a boyfriend," McGowan said at the time, referring to the string of love interests for co-star Alyssa Milano's Phoebe, which have included Julian McMahon, Nick Lachey and, this year, Jason Lewis (Sex and the City). "We need some dudes."

Consider McGowan's wish granted, as former Hawaii and Crossing Jordan star Ivan Sergei has signed on to a multi-episode role as a lawman who strikes up a flirty, Moonlighting-esque relationship with Paige. Sergei will first appear in The WB show's eighth week this season and is booked for at least nine episodes.

"I've been trying to get him on the show for five years. I'm thrilled he finally said yes," executive producer Brad Kern.

Sergei will be one of several new faces this year on Charmed, which is the second-longest-running series on The WB (after 7th Heaven). In addition to him and Lewis, Kaley Cuoco (8 Simple Rules) is joining the cast as a young witch the Halliwell sisters take under their wing.

The show begins its season next Sunday. back to the top

jessica alba: "awake" on the job

2 september


• "this film will do to surgery what 'jaws' did to swimming in the ocean"

Jessica Alba is teaming up with Hayden Christensen for a chilling thriller about going under the knife.

According to Daily Variety, the two will star in Awake, the story of a man (Christensen) who finds himself awake but paralysed during an operation for which he has been anaesthetised. Alba will play his wife.

"This film will do to surgery what Jaws did to swimming in the ocean," Variety quotes a producer of the flick as saying.

In other Jessica film news, she won't be starring in the big-screen remake of I Dream of Jeannie, despite earlier rumours to the contrary. back to the top