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the women of cult television

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21 december


• "aviator" star criticised over diamonds

A charity has criticised Kate Beckinsale for wearing De Beers diamonds to the London premiere of her new movie The Aviator - because of the way the company mines for the gems in Africa.

Kate is one of a number of Hollywood actresses, including Halle Berry, Naomi Watts and Scarlett Johansson, who have been targetted by Survival International - after showing off De Beers stones at showbiz bashes.

Charity director Stephen Corry says, "We're not attacking Kate personally, as she may well be unaware of the controvery.

"But we do think A-list celebrities ought to be a little more savvy when someone comes to them offering free diamonds."

• "it's so nice to be home"

As well as the diamonds, Kate wore a white and gold chiffon dress by Oscar de la Renta, to The Aviator premiere (right), to which she brought along her mother, actress Judy Loe, and husband, director Len Wiseman.

"I love being back here," she said at the aftershow party at Harvey Nichols. "It's so nice to be home."

She left Britain to set up home with Wiseman in Los Angeles, but admitted there are some things LA can't offer a London girl. "The thing I really miss is M&S," she said.

• "it's like having a newborn, only nothing comes back"

Meanwhile, Kate has banned her mum from cooking a turkey this Christmas - because she finds the process "nasty".

The actress says she doesn't like the idea of roasting the big bird.

Kate says, "We've actually banned my mother from cooking a turkey this year because it tends to introduce a psychotic break in her.

"This may be what's caused my aversion to cooking in all forms but there's some sort of primal, nasty birthday trauma thing I think happens with the turkey.

"You've got to tie the legs open with string, you have to check it maybe four times an hour, or something, to see if it's dilated or if the onion's far enough up.

"It's something horrible that causes you to get up every four hours and poke it with a stick. It's like having a newborn, only nothing comes back." back to the top

elvis mini has burning love for mcgowan

15 december


• "charmed" star close to signing on to cbs biopic

According to Zap2it, Rose McGowan is close to signing on to CBS' Elvis biopic, playing Ann-Margret, one of several women to stir things up with the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Ann-Margret was 23-years-old when she co-starred with Elvis Presley in 1964's Viva Las Vegas. The Swedish-born singer and the Mississippi-born rocker began a romantic relationshipp and ultimately a life-long friendship. Ann-Margret, a two-time Oscar nominated actress, attended Presley's 1977 funeral in Memphis.

CBS held open auditions for an actor to play Elvis, but the winner of the coveted part has yet to be announced. The only confirmed cast member is Randy Quaid, who will play the crucial role of Presley's manager Colonel Tom Parker, according to the Hollywood Reporter. back to the top

my mother is no fish, says jolie kid

11 december


• "he refused to accept it"

Angelina Jolie's son Maddox refused to accept his mother was the voice behind a fish in hit animated movie Shark Tale.

The actress excitedly took her adopted Cambodian child to watch the film, in which she provides the vocals for sexy ocean-dweller Lola, but grew frustrated when he couldn't understand her involvement in the movie.

She says: "The one kid I wanted to love it and see it, was my son, who loved the movie and thought it was great.

"But when I came on and said: 'Look, it's Mommy! Listen close, it's Mommy as a fish.' He just went: 'No,' and refused to accept it because he didn't think it was a possibility and wouldn't have it." back to the top

keira hurt on movie set

11 december


• "she just got on with the job"

Keira Knightley has suffered burns after a stunt during the filming of her new movie Domino went wrong.

An insider told The Mirror, "Keira was firing two guns when one of the shells richocheted out and hit her. It was a corker of a burn, burt she hasn't complained and has just got on with the job."

The film, which sees Knightley playing a bounty hunter, is released next year. back to the top

jolie admits she would marry a woman

9 december


• "i don't want to say her name"

Angelina Jolie has rejected the hypothetical opportunity of taking Kate Beckinsale or Carmen Electra as a lesbian lover.

But the Alexander star would not rule out a fling with a woman in the future - or even marrying one.

Jolie was asked how she felt about the two screen beauties following comments made by Beckinsale at the Oscars.

The Van Helsing star praised Angelina's beauty, declaring: "I could have eaten her up with a spoon. She's so gorgeous."

But when Angelina was asked by TV network E! if she could become romantically involved with either Brit actress Kate or former Baywatch star Carmen, she replied: "No and no."

However she added mysteriously there were several women she would consider marrying, but one was recently "off the market".

She said: "I don't want to say her name, 'cause she just got married ... to a man.

"My son Maddox's godmothers - they're two women I'd marry." back to the top