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the women of cult television

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milano's masturbation dates

30 november


• "i take myself out on 'dates'"

Alyssa Milano refuses to subscribe to one-night stands when she isn't in a relationship, because she prefers to pleasure herself.

The 31-year-old actress, who once dated Justin Timberlake, finds intercourse more pleasurable when she knows her lover well, but makes up for being single by taking herself out on 'dates', her code word for masturbation.

She says, "I'm not a prude, but it's important to me to have a connection with someone before I sleep with them.

"That's not only because that's where I'm at in my life, but also because the sex is better that way.

"I take myself out on 'dates' which is what I call masturbation. So I'll do the whole dinner thing for myself, draw myself a bath..." back to the top

emilie de ravin slays santa

26 november


• "my friend and i pretty much save the day"

Emilie de Ravin told Sci Fi Wire that her next project is a horror-comedy feature film entitled Santa's Slay. "It's a black-comedy Christmas movie," de Ravin said in an interview. "That was a lot of fun to shoot. I have some comedy to work with, which I hadn't really explored too much before."

Written and directed by first-timer David Steiman, Santa's Slay posits that Santa Claus (professional wrestler Bill Goldberg) is actually a demon who lost a bet with an angel and has spent a near-eternity spreading joy and doling out presents. When the bet ends, however, the demon returns to his wicked ways.

"I play Mac, who's a high schoool student," de Ravin said. "My friend Nicholas [Douglas Smith] and I pretty much save the day in the movie, or at least we're trying to. It turns out that Nick's grandpa [Robert Culp] was actually the angel, and he gave up his eternal life to marry his wife. And all is being revealed now because Nick has found the Book of Claus, which is pretty much the book of secrets to do with what actually happened. So he's back, and now we're trying to save the day and kill Santa. It was fun playing high school again [as she had on Roswell] and being the kids on the run." Santa's Slay will be released in 2005. back to the top

summer glau: diving into river

26 november


• "it's going to be exciting"

Summer Glau told Sci Fi Wire that the film version of Firefly will resolve many questions about her engimatic character River. "We were setting up all the characters [in the TV show]," Glau said in an interview during a break in filming last summer at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. "We were going back into the past and trying to set up each storyline for each character. And my character was just getting started, and now in the film you're really going to see an explosion of what's really going on with River. It's going to be exciting."

In Firefly, the crew of a transport ship 500 years in the future found themselves inadvertently aiding the escape of River from a top-secret Alliance facility, with the help of her brother, Simon Tam (Sean Maher). There were hints that River had acquired some martial arts and weapons skills, which Serenity will develop, Glau said. "I do a lot of wire work, so I get to do a lot of flipping and running up walls, so it's really exciting," she said. "I'm not a gymnast. I still don't like being upside down. If I don't know what my legs are doing up there, it makes me nervous."

Glau added, "When they first met with me to try to figure out what my physicality was, we went over things, and what we ended up with is kind of a blend of wu shu, kung fu and kick boxing. It's kind of tailored to my abilities, because I was a ballet dancer before I started acting. And so, you know, looking at the way I moved and seeing what kind of a body type I had, that's what they chose."

Glau said that it took only a little while to reacquaint herself with River once production started last spring. "I was very nervous," she said. "I was very nervous. I hadn't played River for a year and a half. I was so close to her in the beginning and through the whole series. And then when I came in for my first read-through with the entire cast, I was shaking and sweating, and I was really scared. And then after the first few days it felt like I'd never left." back to the top

keira treats herself - and jamie

26 november • the sun


• keira's undie jamie's spell (or should that be the other way round?)

Keira Knightley couldn't keep her hands off boyfriend Jamie Dornan as they visited a lingerie store yesterday.

Pirates of the Caribbean actress Keira and model Jamie looked perfect camisole-mates as they smooched in a Victoria's Secret boutique.

Before visiting the Hollywood shop, they lunched with Keira's parents and two pals at a café.

But later they slipped off for their secret shop and Keira treated herself to a pair of silky knickers.

She then whisked Jamie straight to a nearby pad where she is staying while filming new action-thriller Domino - and it's unlikely it was for scrabble and cocoa. The Sun's pictures of Keira's shopping trip can be seen here. back to the top

new film role and u.n. missions keep jolie on point

20 november • detroit news


• playing alexander the great's mother came easy to actress

Sexy Angelina Jolie, though just 29 years old, plays Alexander the Great's mother, Olympias, in Oliver Stone's new movie Alexander. These days, however, it isn't her film persona but her quiet work with the United Nations that is most on her mind.

Jolie's role as goodwill ambassador for the U.N. has taken her to 20 countries, including Chad in June and to Sudan last month where she saw the people caught in a battle between government forces, Arab militia allies and ethnic minority rebels.

Her latest U.N. trip, to Sudan, was "the worst thing I've seen," she says. "It's disgusting. There are thousands of women who've been raped. There's the way the people have destroyed these homes and villages, and the way it was systematically done and how it was done."

After seeing what she has, nothing can faze her, she says. "The travels I've made around the world are forever in my mind, and anytime I complain about anything - since I've met people who've had their entire family killed or been kidnapped as child soldiers or had their limbs blown off - one moment of thinking (poor me), 'how dare I?' It's pretty easy for me. I'm just focusing on Maddox, spending time with him," she says.

While her personal life has been tumultuous, her professional life shines. She first drew attention as the tragic model in HBO's Gia, and went on to earn the best supporting actress Oscar for her role as the sociopath in Girl, Interrupted. From there she slam-banged villains as the well-endowed Lara Croft in two Tomb Raider movies.

Though she's only a year older than Colin Farrell, who plays her son in Alexander, "that was never a problem," she says.

"I just focused on the things I know that did kind of make me feel older, disheartened by things or sad about things. I thought about death and loss and fear. I think he went to a wonderful place of being very young and naive, and somehow we met in the middle. We always treated each other that way. Between me and Colin, there was never a kind of funny joke about it. It was unspoken that we were going to take this seriously and just be professional."

Farrell was stunned by her ability to assume the persona of the maternal Olympias. "Angelina is such an incredible actor and such an amazing woman and has lived a life and has experienced events and feelings far, far beyond her yeras," says Farrell. "So she certainly had within her soul all the richness that it took to convey that she was the age she had to play in the film. And then with a little bit of makeup ... I had no problem with it at all."

Though she's a full-time actress, a 29-year-old mother and planning on adopting a Russian baby, Jolie still takes the time to explore the sometimes-horrifying conditions of the outside world.

"I found myself wondering about these areas, and I didn't plan to become as active as I have ... but I've seen enough to know, I couldn't help myself. And I'm blessed that I've met these people in my life who are so strong and surviving so much. So I can really understand the world I actually live in, and it's only hard because I get frustrated. I just see so much damage." back to the top

jolie puts adoption plans on hold

20 november


• "i may adopt another in about six months"

Angelina Jolie is planning to hold off on adoption plans until next year, after her attempts to take custody of a Russian baby failed.

The Tomb Raider actress, who adopted three-year-old Maddox from Cambodia, had planned to bring another little boy into her home, with various reports suggesting she'd had her sights set on an orphan by the name of Gleb.

But the star now reveals her plans didn't work out as she'd hoped, so Maddox will remain an only child for several more months.

She says, "I was going to adopt this other child in Russia, but it didn't work out, so I may adopt another in about six months."

"Maddox is three years old now, and I don't think he's quite ready." back to the top

angelina conquers hollywood!

17 november


• "during the filming, i was mom!"

Angelina Jolie and co-star Colin Farrell chatted to Entertainment Tonight at the Hollywood premiere of Oliver Stone's Alexander.

"It's why we're here!" said Angelina, explaining about why she's willing to spend so much time with her fans on the red carpet.

During filming, rumours swirled of on-set romance between the pair, but Angelina put those to rest.

"He's a professional actor," she said. "So when the film was over maybe we could go to dinner and have a drink but during the filming I was mom!"

"Some fellas would think it was a bit frustrating to find out they're in a movie with Angelina Jolie and then find out she's playing your mother," Farrell told ET recently. "But I had a great time working with her. She was a huge support."

Angelina says playing the sinister Olympias was a blast. "She's a tough woman, she was fun to play," she admits. "The mother theme is very strong in [Alexander's] life and it probably will be in my son's, since I'm the only parent."

Angelina admits that without her son Maddox, she could have never played the intense role. "I couldn't have played Olympias at all if I didn't have a kid. Because I wouldn't understand the pain of how much you love your children, how much they are your life."

Based on the true story of the unstoppable Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great, who conquered 90% of the known world by the age of 25, Farrell steps into the well-used sandals of the historical legend who led his Greek armies through 22,000 miles of battles and conquests for over eight years, until he died aged 32.

Jolie takes on the role of Alexander's mother, Olympias, while Val Kilmer plays his father Philip. Jared Leto steps into the role of Alexander's best friend Hephaistion and Anthony Hopkins is his confidant Ptolemy. back to the top

jolie and farrell impressed with cover up

15 november


• "we're like cars and we just come in a line and they just paint us"

Angelina Jolie says she's grateful for the latest make-up techniques because it means they can cover up her extensive tattoos in movies.

Jolie and her Alexander co-star Colin Farrell are heavily tattooed and both worry they'll lose work because of the problems directors face covering them up.

But the pair were amazed at how quickly they were "covered up" for the historical epic.

Jolie explains, "I think on this film I was lucky because I came there right after Colin, so I was the easier one to cover up.

"Now they have air-brushing down to a science in Hollywood. We're like cars and we just come in a line and they just paint us." back to the top

jolie named among top hollywood mums

15 november


• "tomb raider" star in magazine top 10

Angelina Jolie has been named among Hollywood's top mums.

The Tomb Raider actress joins Demi Moore, Reese Witherspoon, Teri Hatcher, Debra Messing and Jada Pinkett-Smith in the In Touch magazine top 10, which was led by TV chat show host Kelly Ripa. back to the top

colin and angelina in strange embrace

15 november


• "i repeatedly asked the snake keeper, 'please feed the snakes well'"

In her latest big screen blockbuster Angelina Jolie plays a scheming matriarch with a penchant for snakes. But in real life the actress has no great affection for the creatures, so it must have come as something of a shock when she was presented with a huge boa constrictor on the set of a German talk show.

Angelina, who was appearing with her Alexander co-star Colin Farrell, was handed the serpent by host Thomas Gottschalk. But, although she gamely petted the boa, the Oscar-winner - whose Alexander character Olympias carries a snake with her at all times - says she prefers pets of the four-legged variety. And she admitted to finding her role in the flick rather nerve-wracking.

"Of course I was scared," she revealed. "I repeatedly asked the snake keeper, 'please feed the snakes well'. But one day he just poured a whole container full of snakes onto my head, saying I should get used to them. Now, I understand them, though I don't love them."

And it doesn't sound like director Oliver Stone was any more sympathetic to his leading lady's anxieties. "On our first day it was getting really late and I had to switch snakes and pull the other ones out and they were getting kind of wild," explained the 29-year-old. "The trainers said, 'It's night time and they think it's time to feed.' And I said, 'Oliver, it's night time and apparently it's feeding time.' He was like, 'Oh, just get in there'." back to the top

mcgowan sells home to "o.c." star

13 november


• $1.2m deal for hollywood hills home

Charmed star Rose McGowan has sold her Hollywood Hills home to The O.C. star Rachel Bilson.

The home, which Bilson purchased for $1.2 million (£660,000), has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an outdoor spa and a rooftop patio.

McGowan has relocated to another sections of the hills. back to the top

smg on why she quit "buffy"

13 november


• "it didn't feel like 'buffy'"

In the latest edition of the Big Issue, Sarah Michelle Gellar discusses why she didn't want to carry on making Buffy.

"You think about it every year for eight years [sic]: when is the right time? But all the signs pointed to the eighth year. I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I wasn't being challenged in the way that I needed any more.

"I really didn't have any [input]. Maybe I should have, 'cause then we wouldn't have got so lost. It took me a while to work up the nerve to say something.

"It didn't feel like Buffy. But it's easy to be vocal now, because [Joss Whedon] isn't going to be yelling at me tomorrow." back to the top

gellar dumbed down

12 november


• "they kept saying, 'flap your arms more!'"

Sarah Michelle Gellar had to forget about the training she went through to play Buffy Summers when she began filming horror movie The Grudge.

On the set, Gellar was told to dumb down her physical abilities so she would look more like an everyday woman than a vampire slayer.

The 27-year-old says, "It was difficult to sometimes not look like Buffy. I had this running scene and they kept making me do it over and over and over again, and I kept thinking I was messing up.

"But it was because I was running with my hands up in the professional position. And they kept saying, 'Flap your arms more!'" back to the top

angelina jolie snubs dad during junket

12 november


• "i do not see any reconciliation with my father ever"

Angelina Jolie and her father Jon Voight were both giving interviews about their upcoming films last weekend in the same hotel, but they weren't able to reconcile their very public father-daughter feud.

In an interview Sunday evening for her upcoming film Alexander Jolie, 29, told, "I do not see any reconciliation with my father ever, no. There's only so much energy in this life, I don't want him to make my stomach go into knots anymore."

On Monday afternoon, Voight, 65, gave interviews for National Treasure in which he plays Nicolas Cage's father, and he told Zap2it, "I love my daughter, I'm crazy about my daughter and I will not stop sending her my messages of love and will keep trying to reach her always."

Voight says he tried to reach her while he was doing interviews on Sunday 20 floors downstairs from her at the St. Regis Hotel in Century City, California, but she didn't respond. The two Oscar winners (she for Girl, Interrupted in 1999 and he for Coming Home in 1978) had a bitter battle going back to her childhood, and he said she needed therapy. The two settled their differences to co-star in the first Lara Croft: Tomb Raider film in 2001, but in 2002, she stopped talking to him again.

Jolie, who plays the mother of Colin Farrell in Alexander says, "That was one of the toughest times in my life, when my marriage [to Billy Bob Thornton] broke up and I separated from my father, but then good things [her adoption of Maddox] happened too."

The actress doesn't want her son to know his grandfather. "I don't want to worry about my son having problems with him as he grows up," she says. "I don't hate [Voight], I just can't have that negative energy in my life. We don't understand each other."

Voight's face is pained as he speaks about his daughter. "Look at my face," he sighs. "I love my children more than my life itself. I'm sure that this will have an ending as all parents hope that there will be a resolve. I'm concerned about her always, I love her deeply." back to the top

jolie: i have two wonderful lovers

12 november • daily mirror


• "hopefully, the men are enjoying it as well"

She has been a wife for most of her adult life. But after the break-up of two marriages, Angelina Jolie is enjoying the new experience of having a no-strings sex life.

The Tomb Raider star, who was married to actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, is revelling in the freedom that single life brings.

"I've been married so much in my life that I never really had lovers, so it's been a fun time," she says. "Hopefully, the men are enjoying it as well.

"But it's not deep love."

Angelina adds that she has two main guys who are: "Both wonderful men."

However, it's a third male that she's really serious about, her son Maddox, the three-year-old Cambodian orphan she adopted in 2002.

She has Maddox's future mapped out for him and would like to provide a male role for the youngster.

"I'm looking for the best father I can find. Somebody who has the same values as me when it comes to world issues and how we are going to raise our children... So I'm not counting on it happening any time soon."

What she is counting on is the go-ahead for her to become the adoptive mother of baby Gleb, a little Russian boy she encountered last month, on a trip to Moscow.

Excited at the prospect of a brother for Maddox, Angelina now faces a series of hearings to confirm her as the child's legal guardian.

Angelina has obviously developed a strong maternal instinct in the past two years and it was this quality that she drew on for a scene in her new film Alexander - in which her character's son dies. In order to convey her grief, Angelina imagined Maddox dying - and the tears and anguish overwhelmed her.

"I sat in a corner for five minutes and cried and screamed," she recalls. "It was so hard for me to think about it. In the end, I had to stop. I refused to think thoughts like that - it was just too personal because if anybody did anything to my son in real life, I'd kill them."

Bizarrely, in the big-budget, sword-and-sandals epic, the 29-year-old actress plays Olympias, the mother of Alexander the Great, who is portrayed by 28-year-old Colin Farrell.

Filming took place in Morocco last year and, ever since, there have been rumours that she had romantic flings with both Farrell and co-star Val Kilmer.

Angelina denies any dalliance, though she adds: "A lot of things happened. The nice thing about working with people like Colin and Val and the director Oliver Stone is that we're all so open and wild.

"There were no holds barred and people could throw each other around, spit on each other, change lines, do whatever you wanted. So you just had to be ready for anything to come at you. It kept your heart beating!" The bisexual star is also famous for getting other pulses racing, too. In a recent poll by a US magazine, she was voted the person both men and women would most like to go to bed with - something she takes as a huge compliment.

"I truly love men and women equally and I see people as people and love as love," she says.

"So I think it makes sense that a woman would know that I would appreciate and love her as much as a man would."

But her main focus remains Maddox, who she nervously drives to school after enrolling him in a private school in the West Country.

"I still haven't go used to driving in England, on the other side of the road," she confesses. "I'm terrible. I get very jittery picking Maddox up from school."

The youngster accompanies his mother to film shoots and was recently temporarily enrolled in a school in Los Angeles, while Angelina filmed the comedy-thriller Mr and Mrs Smith, with Brad Pitt. Mother and son also relax in Cambodia, where Angelina has another home and where she hopes Maddox will spend much of his time when he grows up. She plans to take Cambodian citizenship in the next few months.

"I'm very focused on that country and I take it very seriously," she says. "Maddox knows there are different cultures and has friends everywhere, so I don't want to stop him from travelling.

"As he gets older, he'll be spending months in his home country and going to school there. He has a responsibility to Cambodia and if he tells me when he is 19 that he doesn't care about it, we're going to have a huge fight - because Cambodia is part of his destiny and I will insist upon it."

Closer to home, the politically-motivated, Los Angeles-born star was depressed by the outcome of the US election and is now encountering criticism of American actions whenever she travels.

"In the past, I was able to tell people, 'Trust me, that's not the American people - they're great'.

"But I can't say that now because the majority voted to support what is going on and it's heartbreaking for me that I can't defend the people I love in America."

The responsible and well-grounded Angelina Jolie talking in a hotel room is very different from the wild, rebellious teenager who was into self-mutilation and took at-home courses on how to prepare bodies for burial.

She married Miller wearing a white shirt bearing his name written in her blood and celebrated their nuptials by getting the words Bravery and Death tattooed on her body.

After their divorce, she dated actor Tim Hutton, had a torrid lesbian affair and then eloped to Las Vegas to marry the eccentric and much older Thornton.

Blood and gothic imagery featured strongly in their marriage, too. They wore vials containing each other's blood, signed documents in it and wrote love oaths in it on the headboard of their bed. For their first anniversary, they gave each other grave plots.

Then, as suddenly as they wed, they divorced, though some gossip columnists claim they'll be getting back together again.

"There are worse rumours around but it's not true," she laughs. "Billy Bob is a fantastic and wonderful man, and, although we didn't talk for a while after the divorce, we are now the best of friends."

She is also close to Miller and they still meet up occasionally, although things are very different now.

"During the past few years I've grown and I've changed a lot," she says. "I've been on a long journey through life.

"I've been inspired by things and I'm motivated to change things. I also get frustrated and angry with life as well.

"But, at the same time, I'm a mother now and all I have to do is look at my son and see that he is healthy and growing up. And I am so grateful that I am healty, too, and with him. So I count my blessings.

"I always have to be grateful for the things I have." back to the top

alba reaches "sonic" speed

8 november


• ...but there's no hedgehogs in sight

Dark Angel star Jessica Alba has signed on to headline Sonic, a new feature film in development from Regency Enterprises and Alba's production company, Thruline Entertainment. The screenplay will be written by newcomer Kirsten Elms. John Davis and Wyck Godfrey will produce the film with Alba and her manager Chris Henze receiving executive producer credits.

Sonic is set in the near future. Alba will play the part of a young waitress who dies suddenly, then is brought back to the land of the living by means of her lover. Currently sporting blonde locks for her role as the Invisible Woman in Fox's Fantastic Four movie, Jessica will next be seen in Robert Rodriguez's Sin City. back to the top

gellar tops "revolver"

7 november


• new supernatural thriller for "buffy" star

Fresh from the success of The Grudge, Sarah Michelle Gellar has signed on to headline Revolver, a supernatural thriller film, Variety reports. Asif Kapadia (The Warrior) will direct Revolver, which follows a tough, successful saleswoman whose vivid nightmares drive her to investigate the mysterious death of another young woman 25 years earlier.

It's not clear whether Gellar will star in The Grudge 2, the upcoming sequel, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Stephen Susco, who wrote The Grudge based on the Japanese horror film Ju-on, has been hired to write The Grudge 2, the paper reported. It's also not clear whether Grudge director Takashi Shimizu will be part of the sequel. Shimizu directed the first installment, as well as Ju-on, the 2003 Japanese film on which it's based. back to the top

beckinsale: stretch marks, not boob job

5 november


• "i've not had a breast job"

Kate Beckinsale has laughed off rumours she's had breast implants - although she admits her daughter thinks she's turned into J.Lo.

Magazines have jumped on an infamous picture of her in a low-cut top with stretch marks down her cleavage as evidence of a boob job - and the press have speculated that she's also had Botox and a facelit.

Meanwhile, a plastic surgery website has given her the highly undesirable award of Ugliest Breasts in Hollywood.

But the newly-wed Van Helsing star, 31, told Glamour magazine: "I've not had a breast job.

"The moment those rumours started was when people saw my stretch marks...I've got stretch marks everywhere."

She said she was a "full-blown hypochondriac" and was petrified by the idea of having botulism (present in Botox) injected into her face.

Despite the perma-tan and big hair she's sported since moving to Hollywood, gym bunny Kate insists appearance "isn't a major priority."

But daughter Lily, five, calls her a "princess" and asks, "Why do you look like J.Lo all the time?" back to the top

gellar reveals communication problems

4 november


• "it really was an education in communication"

Sarah Michelle Gellar was left bewildered when she travelled to Japan to film the remake of The Grudge, because the only English the horror movie's director could speak was taken from Star Wars.

Gellar's first meetings with Takashi Shimizu, who also directed the original Japanese version of the film, Ju-On, took on a surreal twist when he started delivering lines from George Lucas' 1977 film.

The first time Shimizu spoke to Gellar he said: "My lady, your destination is approaching."

Gellar says: "I thought he was maybe saying I looked familiar. It really was an education in communication for me."

But the pair soon found talking less traumatic than they had at first feared and, with the help of sign language, developed a reliable method of communication.

Gellar adds: "We used a translator in the beginning but by the end she joked the she was worried she was going to be fired."

The Grudge has been the number one film at the US box office for the last two weeks. back to the top

gellar: the next dido?

3 november


• "i think i have a similar sound to dido"

According to the Daily Express, Sarah Michelle Gellar has been touting herself as the next Dido as she looks for a recording deal.

The Grudge star sang in Once More, With Feeling, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode which aired in November 2001, and has allegedly been telling friends she would love to follow in the footsteps of actress-turned-singer Minnie Driver.

The Express reports Gellar said: "I have written quite a few numbers and I'm looking for the right record deal.

"I want to show the world the other side of me and I think I have a similar sound to Dido, so look out for me." back to the top

jolie still mad with dad

2 november


• "i don't hate my father"

Angelina Jolie is refusing to heal the bitter rift with her dad, Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight.

Despite the 65-year-old Midnight Cowboy star's recent desperate television plea to reconcile with his daughter - the 29-year-old actress is still refusing to speak with him.

She says: "I don't hate my father. I don't blame him for divorcing my mother or having affairs.

"I just don't want to dedicate one more tear... or to have to watch my mother cry one more time."

The father and daughter reconciled to star in the first Tomb Raider movie, but Jolie ended their relationship in 2002 - as she split from husband Billy Bob Thornton and adopted her Cambodian son Maddox. back to the top