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the women of cult television

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angelina jolie sexiest, says esquire mag

31 october


• "if you knew me, you might think i was even wilder than my reputation"

Angelina Jolie has proved that even with a patch covering one eyes, she can still send the oomph meter ("drool meter" for some) pinging to its lustiest height. Esquire magazine has declared her as "the sexiest woman alive". The latest edition of the magazine features Jolie on the cover as she appears in the recent film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

In the film she plays a courageous fighter pilot and her screen persona has enough "come hither" look despite one eye patch. She was nominated for the Hearst Corporation-owned magazine's annual "Women we love" in which she received the maximum number of votes for the title "sexiest" from the magazine's predominately male readers.

Jolie is the perfect fantasy woman for males in several countries where Hollywood films have a market. Even when she doesn't appear herself, and merely lends her voice, as she did in Shark Tale, that voice can mesmerise just as effectively as does her to-die-for body. In this computer-animated undersea adventure, this 29-year-old beauty lends her voice to the vampish fish Lola. She acknowledged her image as "kind of wild or bad or weird or crazy" but she enjoys the adulation. In the interview by the magazine, she was asked whether she was like her gutsy image in real life too. She replied that it was close enough, referring to the tattoos, the blood, the daredevilry. "But if you knew me..." she said, "you might think I was even wilder than my reputation." She then emphasises that she is in fact much softer, "softer than people think" she says.

That is perhaps quite true. In real life she is a very caring mother to her adopted son who is now a 3-year-old.

She recently bought an aeroplane and is taking flying lessons. This, she says, was a recently developed hobby after she discovered that she and her son share a fascination for aeroplanes.

She is also quite level-headed and insists that for the time being at least, she is not interested in getting into a relationship. She says, "Because I want to concentrate on my son. I don't want my son to start calling somebody Daddy unless that person's gonna stay."

Jolie's next screen persona will be as the mother of Alexander the Great in Alexander, Oliver Stone's soon-to-be-released epic.

From among the other contenders for the title of sexiest woman, Catwoman star Halle Berry ran a close second, followed by Britney Spears at no. 3. The list of nominees included R&B singer Beyonce, TV celebrity Jessica Simpson, former Friends star Jennifer Aniston and Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron. back to the top

gellar put off motherhood

31 october


• "i'm like, 'let's wait a few more years'"

Sarah Michelle Gellar says that spending time with her friends' children makes her unsure she has energy to handle her own offspring.

"We'll children somewhere down the line but not yet. At the moment, I just borrow my friends' kids - it's the best form of birth control because I'm so tired after [I've] had them for an afternoon. I'm like, 'Let's wait a few more years.'"

But Gellar does admit she's annoyed at the constant questions about when she plans to conceive.

She adds, "I have people on the street asking me, 'When are you and Freddie having children?' I'm like, 'You know my husband?'" back to the top

gellar wants to kill bill

31 october


• "it was the most incredibly inventive"

Sarah Michelle Gellar wished she had the chance to star in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films.

The former Buffy actress was amazed by last year's Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and this year's Vol. 2, and would have loved Uma Thurman's role.

"I would love to do a Kill Bill movie," enthused Gelalr.

"Of all the movies I saw last year it was the most incredibly inventive. The sets were beautiful and Uma Thurman was incredible. It was a revenge movie and a love story.

"It must be very satisfying for Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino to have produced a masterpiece. That's very fulfilling." back to the top

"mr and mrs smith" in trouble

30 october


• "it's a nightmare"

The release date for the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie movie Mr and Mrs Smith is reportedly delayed indefinitely, as filming has over-run.

According to the Daily Express, the film is already heavily over budget and a host of scenes need to be re-shot.

Everyone on set has been working overtime, but the packed schedules of both Jolie and Pitt mean that it has been almost impossible to find extra time to shoot the movie.

An insider says, "It's a nightmare to bring Angelina and Brad's schedules together again." back to the top

angelina jolie: love from afar

30 october


• "i'd never risk getting back with him"

Angelina Jolie denies that she and Billy Bob Thornton are going to try a rematch, but she says the bad feelings that existed between them are over and they're friends again.

She even took a full-page ad in Variety magazine to congratulate her ex-husband when his star was unveiled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Five times married, Billy Bob has said he's still in love with Angelina, but privately she says: "I'd never risk getting back with him;; I was too hurt the last time when it ended."

While he's just had a child with his girlfriend of nearly a year, Connie Angland, Billy Bob has told friends: "I'd really like to be back with Angelina ... but she won't have me." The reason? He cheated on her when they were married, his excuse being: "She was too good for me ... I just couldn't handle it; I felt inferior to her." He added in a recent interview: "I just can't live without sex ... I'm like a full-on jungle animal." back to the top

gellar enjoys more social time

29 october


• "i couldn't even guarantee i'd make my friends' weddings"

Former Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar is happy that the show came to an end - because it blocked her from spending time with her private live.

She says, "When I did Buffy, there wasn't a lot of time to be with [Freddie]. If he went off to do a movie, there was nothing I could do.

"So now I'm here without him, but in two weeks, I'm going to go see him on his film set and hang out and eat their catering. I love it! I can eat all the food without worrying.

"Before, I couldn't even guarantee I'd make my friends' weddings. I was always like, 'We worked late, and I missed my flight.'" back to the top

more charisma guest appearances

29 october


• she's on "charmed" and "lax" next month

Charisma Carpenter has just finished shooting a third guest appearance on Charmed, which is provisionally scheduled to air on 28 November. According to Charisma, the episode is very seer-centric, so she should get a lot of airtime.

She will also appear on the 10 November episode of NBC's new series LAX. The episode, entitled Thanksgiving, will air between 8-9pm. Charisma is quoted as saying that Heather Locklear is probably one of the nicest people she has ever worked with. back to the top

sarah michelle gellar on "the grudge"

27 october


• "i just loved the idea of being part of it"

Prior to the film's US opening, Sarah Michelle Gellar spoke to Science Fiction Weekly about her latest film The Grudge and the differences between American and Japanese cinema.

The film stars Gellar and former Roswell lead Jason Behr, and is the first Japanese film to be remade for American audiences by the original director. Like the original, Ju-on, the film is set in Tokyo, and it stars some of the original Japanese cast members. The story is based on the concept that when people die in the midst of a terrible rage, their spirits will linger on and destory anyone they encounter. Gellar plays a social worker assigned to an elderly woman living in a cursed house. Behr plays her boyfriend, an architecture student studying in Japan.

Sarah, was there any reluctance to take on this role, knowing the cultural differences of the material?

Gellar: It was the main reason I took the project. The idea for me to, first of all, be able to spend three months in Japan, to be able to be part of the first film ever to be made with the original Japanese director, they were all of the reasons why I chose the project.

Had you seen the Japanese version, Ju-on?

Gellar: Yes, I had seen it. I have always been a fan of Asian cinema. I think that it's really daring. I love the idea of nonlinear filmmaking. I love the idea that it's not a beginning, middle and end, and it's not a neat package. And I thought the shots were so interesting. I think that sometimes in American films we get bogged down by trying to make our days and huge crews. In Japan, we would have had triple the amount of crew members in America making this film. And I just loved the idea of being part of it.

After Buffy, was there any hesitation to do horror again?

Gellar: If it was horror, in my opinion, in the American sense, yes, there would have been. But I consider Japanese movies to be much more thriller-oriented. And, you know, people ask me that question a lot. I definitely did think about it beforehand, but women still have a long way to do in this industry in terms of roles where we can really sort of lead the film and drive it. And I was thinking, obviously, a lot about this, and you look at past Oscar winners. Right after Halle Berry won, she did Gothika. And Charlize Theron is doing Aeon Flux. And why is that? Because that is the big films where women can really drive them and be successful in them.

What challenges did you face working with Shimizu to develop your character?

Gellar: We spoke a lot beforehand about each character and why we were there and what our reaction was to being in Japan. The characters were important to Shimizu, and it was important to keep that. And it was the first time I had sort of really been in an experience like that, where it was important. But of course, the surroundings and situations make it that much easier to sort of create a character.

Did you have any Lost in Translation moments on the set?

Gellar: You know what? It's interesting, you don't realise how literal a language is until you're in a place like that. ... But Japanese is a real literal language, and sometimes the conversations don't make sense, like, you know, [something] someone says in Japanese when translated to English doesn't sound right, it doesn't make sense. And so you constantly have those experiences because of the language. And also, we say things very quickly. We abbreviate everything in English. So, literally, in the movie where you see that scene where the director is talking and talking and talking and she says, "Be happier." That would happen constantly. And it would take me a little while to understand. I kept thinking, "Is that really all he said? I know there's something you're not telling me, the part about where I sucked."

How lonely was it being in Japan for all those months?

Gellar: It's very hard to be lonely in Japan. Clearly, you miss your family, your dog, your home, but Japanese people are incredibly welcoming. The best advice I got before I left was ... someone said the best thing you could do is just learn the basics of the language. And a lot of times when you go across, specifically sometimes to Europe, I'm so embarrassed because I feel like I bastardise the language and I feel like everyone's laughing at me. But in Japan they're so honoured you're taking the time to learn even the smallest bit of the language, that they open up their homes to you and they're so gracious. They invite you to dinner, and on top of that I had this great cast that was so interested in everything Japanese and Japanese culture and Japanese society.

How do you perceive the differences between Japanese and American horror films?

Gellar: I think Japanese films leave a lot more to the imagination. It's a lot more about setting it up and letting you take it to that place where it makes it scariest for you. It's not gory, it's not bloody, and I think because of it, it's much more chilling.

I heard that you taught the director some English on the set.

Gellar: You know, here was a big mistake I learned early on. You always have fun teaching people, you know, bad things to say, like, you know, "I hate her," or "I hate him" or "Suck less" or any of those things, and I remember it was really funny to all of us. We thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Jason would come in and he would be all "I hate him," until the first reporter came out to interview us, and it was CNN, and we did this interview, and Shimizu was like, "Ah, Sarah Michelle. I hate her. Difficult. Crazy. Jason. Nuts." And he said all of the things we had taught him, and oh, my God, that's one of those things where your heart stops, because while it might be very funny to us, it might not necessarily, again, translate in this kind of sense that that was a joke. So, yes, I did teach him a fair amount of those things.

Did you commit any cultural faux pas on the set?

Gellar: Oh, I mean, constantly. But I commit faux pas in America, I mean, that's nothing new for me. You know, things like taking off your shoes every time. Sometimes you just forget. It is very difficult to remember. I didn't forget going to people's houses, but you forget. It's a set. It's not a house, but you still have to take your shoes off before you go in every time, and that was hard for me in the beginning, until I realised how much fun it was to steal everyone's shoes.

Japanese sets are obviously run very differently. What kind of concessions did they make knowing you were American actors?

Gellar: Well, the first one is, Japanese actors come when they start filming at the beginning of the day, no matter if their scene is the last of the day, yet you try to get an American actor to do that one. Especially American actors [wanting] to do sightseeing in Japan. So that was the first concession that was made, was that your call time reflected what scenes you were in. In America, we slate, we clap the board, and then "action" is their cue. In Japan, the cue is actually the slate. But to an American actor, that is the most jarring sound. I'd be like [frozen] and they were all waiting. I'm like, "What's everyone waiting for?" So we taught Shimizu how to say "action" and "cut" and so they worked off "action" and "cut." I think there was a fair amount of concessions for American actors. There has to be. back to the top

abc press release for new katherine heigl series

26 october


• "grey's anatomy" now in production

ABC has announced in a press release that series production has begun on Grey's Anatomy in which Katherine Heighl has a leading role:

Production has begun on Grey's Anatomy, a new midseason drama for ABC

Production has begun in Los Angeles on Grey's Anatomy, a new drama series which follows the professional and personal lives of a group of surgical interns who are just beginning their careers at a Seattle hospital. The midseason show will air in January 2005 on the ABC Television Network.

Meredith Grey is a first year surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital, the toughest surgical residency programme west of Harvard. She and fellow first-year interns Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, George O'Malley and Alex Karev were students yesterday. Today they're doctors and, in a world where on the job training can be a matter of life and death, they're all juggling the ups and downs of their own personal lives.

The five interns struggle to form friendships in this most stressful and competitive atmosphere. Meredith's medical ambition is overshadowed by a troubling secret: Her mother, a noted pioneering surgeon, is struggling with a tragic and devastating illness. Cristina is a study in contradiction: Highly competitive and driven, she eschews any favours in order to make it on her own. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens is the small-town girl who grew up dirt poor and, in spite of paying for her medical career by modelling, still struggles with her self-esteem. George O'Malley is the warm but insecure boy next door who always manages to do or say the wrong thing at the wrong time. In spite of his attraction to women, he's treated as "just one of the girls." And Alex Karev, the intern other interns love to hate, masks his working class roots with arrogance and ambition.

The interns are guided by an established team of doctors who are determined to either shape them into skilled surgeons or break them: Miranda Bailey, so tough that she's nicknamed "The Nazi," is the senior resident responsible for training them. Derek Shepherd is the flirtatious but very capable surgeon who shares a forbidden but undeniable sexual attraction with Meredith. Preston Burke's arrogance is second only to his skill with a scalpel. Oversseing them all is Dr. Richard Webber, Seattle Grace's paternal, but no-nonsense chief of security.

Grey's Anatomy focuses on young people struggling to be doctors and doctors struggling to stay human. It's the drama and intensity of medical training mixed with the funny, sexy, painful lives of interns who are about to discover that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey.

Grey's Anatomy stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber, T.R. Knight as George O'Malley, Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Katherine Heigl as Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, Isaiah Washington as Preston Burke and Justin Chambers as Alex Karev.

Shonda Rhimes (Introducing Dorothy Dandridge) is creator and executive producer. Mark Gordon (Saving Private Ryan), Betsey Beers (200 Cigarettes) and Jim Parriott (The American Embassy) are executive producers. Peter Horton is co-executive producer. Grey's Anatomy is a Touchstone Television Production.

As we reported on Sunday, the UK broadcast rights to the series have been picked up by LivingTV. back to the top

buffy fears co-star

26 october


• "we were so terrified"

Sarah Michelle Gellar has revealed the one thing that frightens her - is her freaky co-star in The Grudge.

The former Buffy star admitted Japanese actress Tukako Fuji, who plays a ghost, terrified her.

Gellar said she and co-star Jason Behr were totally freaked out by Tukako's spooky acting. "She did this thing we called the 'cockroach crawl'. She crawls down the stairs on her knees and it's freaky. We spoiled the first take because we were so terrified." back to the top

shiri appleby in new abc drama

25 october


• abc greenlights pilot: "we knew we had to make it"

Former Roswell star Shiri Appleby has been cast in 1/4life, a new ABC ensemble drama from the creators of thirtysomething.

The drama, revolving around seven twentysomething friends who live under the same roof, examines the period of transition that comes after a person graduates from college and has to come to grips with life in the real world.

Shiri, along with Rachel Blanchard, Jacob Pitts, Merritt Wever and newcomer Reggie Austin, will play five of the seven friends.

Executive producers Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick wrote the script. Herskovitz is also on board to direct. Shiri previously appeared in an episode of the pair's series thirtysomething.

Variety reports that ABC has given the project a pilot order with a hefty series penalty behind it. The decision to greenlight it in September is in keeping with ABC primetime entertainment president Stephen McPherson's goal of breaking out of the traditional winter pilot season rat race and moving forward with development projects as soon as they're ready for the pilot stage. And once ABC brass read the script for 1/4life, "we knew we had to make it," McPherson said. back to the top

sony rushing "grudge" sequel into production?

25 october


• "the studio is keener than ever"

Last week, GKA reported that Sarah Michelle Gellar was talking about a sequel to The Grudge, and after the film's impressive $40 million opening weekend, Sony executives are said to be interesting in seeing the follow-up go ahead.

"It was always a consideration, but now the studio is keener than ever," says a studio insider. "Talks are going to begin pretty swiftly to see that they can't get the sequel going by the new year. Depends, of course, on Sarah Michelle's schedule."

The studio are apparently hoping the film is a launching pad for a prospective new horror series. "That's the plan. Grudge 1, 2, 3 ... and so on." back to the top


24 october


• "i was exhausted"

Sarah Michelle Gellar told Sci Fi Wire that time constraints, not a lack of interest, prevented her from providing commentaries on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD sets. "You know, it's so interesting," she said during an interview while promoting her new film, The Grudge. "Most of the time in this business you really only get one side. You get he who speaks loudest."

The Buffy DVD sets have featured commentaries by cast and crew, but not the star. "In terms of the DVDs, they always did the commentaries during the show," Gellar said. "I was working constantly, three units. There was never time. It was unfortunate. It was a timing thing. If you tell a line producer, 'OK, we need Sarah for two hours on this day to do commentary,' the line producer is going to tell you, 'Uh-uh.' So that was why I didn't do it during the show. And if I had free time, if for some reason I was getting a day off, I was taking it. I was exhausted." back to the top


24 october • northwest herald


• "can you imagine how glamorous i looked in pasties and garbage bags"

A couple of Sarah Michelle Gellar snippets from the Northwest Herald that were cut from the version of the feature used by the Omaha World-Herald (see here).

On the subject of the shower scene and Janet Leigh's reaction to the one in Psycho:

"I've heard her speak about it. I've heard her say she only took baths after that. Mine was more comedy, but I'm a silly person," Gellar said. "All I think about when I think of that scene is the 17 Japanese men in the film crew that were horrified at having to be in the shower with me."

The men clearly were uncomfortable, she recalled, adding: "And there's me with my little, you know, pasties, and I was having an allergic reaction to the water, so they tied garbage bags around my legs since they weren't showing. So you can imagine clearly how glamorous I looked in pasties and garbage bags."

Two things fans should not expect are future on-screen pairings with hubby Prinze or a big-screen follow-up to Buffy.

"I truly believe that people don't want to see movies about relationships of married people," Gellar said. "I don't think audiences like it. I don't like it. I love Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, but I don't want to see Shall We Dance? with Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins."

As for a Buffy reprise:

"I am very hesitant. I say that sitting here now, and I could two years from now see a script and think I have to do that."

"But it's also time to try other things. What am I going to be doing, essentially killing vampires with my wooden cane?" said Gellar, scrunching up her face and copping an elderly woman's voice. "Saying, 'Oh, bad vampire,' as I lift up my cane, and it's got a spike on the end of it." back to the top

livingtv picks up katherine heigl series

24 october • broadcast


• "grey's anatomy" picked up by uk broadcaster

As predicted back in May, LivingTV has picked up Buena Vista's hospital drama Grey's Anatomy, which stars former Roswell babe Katherine Heigl.

LivingTV has made a two-season commitment to both Grey's Anatomy and teen sex drama Life As We Know It, with an option on any further seasons. It also has the right to sell the shows on to a UK terrestrial broadcaster.

Life As We Know It debuted on ABC earlier this month, but Grey's Anatomy has yet to air in the US, although it has been acclaimed by TV critics who have seen the pilot.

Hannah Barnes, LivingTV deputy controller and the executive who brokered the deal, said she hoped the dramas would appeal to "aspirational teenage and young adult viewers."

"This deal is all about appealing to a broader audience, in our ambition to become the sixth channel," added Barnes. back to the top


23 october • omaha world-herald


• "she just came in and blew everybody away"

As in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her Scooby-Doo movies, Sarah Michelle Gellar (shown below with co-star Jason Behr) is back to battling the undead in The Grudge, a remake of a Japanese fright flick about a malevolent presence in a house where bloody misdeads occurred.

Only this time, Gellar faces evil as a mere mortal, without Buffy's superpowers and without a talking Great Dane and the rest of the Scooby gang to lighten things up.

That was the appeal, playing an ordinary human unable to pummel her demons to dust.

"That's the reason I did it. I like being challenged. I've played Buffy. No one is ever going to out-Buffy Buffy, so I'm not trying to," said Gellar, 27.

"I was on this hit show. I had this amazing character. I had an obligation to a second Scooby movie. And then it was time for me to go, 'OK, what do I want to do with the rest of my life?'

"This movie was the first movie that came along where I had this desire in my gut to be a part of it, and it was a feeling I hadn't had since Cruel Intentions," - her 1999 teen update of Dangerous Liaisons.

The Grudge appealed to Gellar for other reasons. She and husband Freddie Prinze Jr., one of her Scooby-Doo co-stars, are huge fans of Asian cinema, including the Japanese version of her film.

The movie allowed her to work with writer-director Takashi Shimizu, who created the original video version and its sequel, a Japanese-language theatrical remake and sequel. He makes his English-language debut with The Grudge.

Gellar also got to collaborate with Sam Raimi, the Spider-Man director whose horror-movie outfit, Ghost House Pictures, produced The Grudge.

Raimi was aware of Gellar but had never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the actress's movies. A powerhouse audition by Gellar won her the role, he said.

"She just came in and blew everybody away," Raimi said. "Sarah has a vulnerability to her while still being a strong character. She's intelligent and, maybe most important, she has a likeability. She's able to produce a quality that you like, where you're rooting for her, and in a horror film, that's critical."

Long fascinated witht he Far East, Gellar got to make her first trip there to film the moviel, which retains the Japanese setting of the original, changing the protagonist to an American student living in Tokyo.

Unlike Naomi Watts in The Ring, who was on screen most of the time in that Japanese horror remake, The Grudge is an ensemble tale whose focus twists into flashbacks and side stories centering on Gellar's co-stars, among them Bill Pullman, Clea DuVall, Grace Zabriskie and Raimi's brother Ted.

"Part of what I loved about this isit wasn't just about me," Gellar said. "Also, clearly it gave me some days off to explore Japan."

Gellar also got to do her own variation of the scary shower scene, whose standard was set by Janet Leigh in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Leigh, who died on 3 October, insisted the scene frightened her so much that she could no longer take showers.

In one of the creepiest moments in The Grudge, an unearthly manifestation of the house's evil spirit pops up as Gellar's character takes a shower.

Gellar's recollections of her shower scene are lighter than Leigh's.

"I've heard her speak about it. I've heard her say she only took baths after that. Mine was more comedy, but I'm a silly person," Gellar said. "All I think about when I think of that scene is the 17 Japanese men in the film crew that were horrified at having to be in the shower with me."

With her spunky charm and goofy sense of humour, Gellar seems a natural for more romantic comedies. But she says the genre does not interest her.

"Never say never, but it's not the kind of movie that I love to see. It's not where my sensibility is. For comedies, I'm a dark-humour kind of girl. So I don't know what I would necessarily bring to that genre," Gellar said.

Gellar hopes to start shooting the ensemble musical comedy thriller Southland Tales early next year and is in the market to do an all-out action flick.

As for a Buffy reprise, Gellar would not rule it out completely, but said the series went out on a high note last year and she feels it's best to let it rest in peace. back to the top


22 october


• former "angel" actress in new "superman" movie?

For months, her Angel co-star was rumoured to be in the running for the title role in the new Superman movie, but now Charisma Carpenter is rumoured to be on the callback list for the role of Lois Lane.

With unknown Brandon Routh cast as the Man of Steel, director Bryan Singer is apparently considering six actress for the role of Lois.

In alphabetical order, the candidates are: Mischa Barton (The O.C.), Charisma Carpenter, Mia Kirshner (The Crow: City of Angels), Evangeline Lilly (Lost), Natalie Portman (Star Wars) and Keri Russell (Felicity).

Barton and Portman have been linked with the part for a number of months, and the movie website recently reported Evangeline Lilly as another candidate. That site also reports that Singer has narrowed the short list down to four names, but according to Cinescape, the six actress listed above are still in the running. back to the top

keira wins at hollywood film festival

20 october


• she picks up "breakthrough actress" award

Sporting her new cropped hair style from her role in Domino, Keira Knightley scooped the "breakthrough actress" award at the Hollywood Film Festival on Monday night for her role in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Naturally most of the British press carried details of her latest triumph. The Evening Standard said she had "arrived" in Hollywood, accompanied by a photo of Keira and fellow British babe Kate Beckinsale.

This is latest in a string of awards Keira has picked up recently. Just last month she was voted the sexiest movie star of all time in a poll in Empire magazine.

Keira's next big screen appearances will be as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and as a bounty hunter in Domino. She will also be filming a sequel to Pirates next year. back to the top

gellar considers "grudge" re-match

17 october


• "i would go back to japan in a heartbeat"

Sarah Michelle Gellar's latest movie The Grudge hasn't even been released yet but the actress is already discussing the possibility of a follow-up.

The horror film is an English language remake of the Japanese film Ju-On which was also directed by Takashi Shimizu. Ju-On 2 has already been made in Japan, although the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star says she hasn't spoken to producer Sam Raimi about a second movie.

Gellar says, "No, we haven't really. I mean, knock on wood, but let's wait until it comes out. I would go back to Japan in a heartbeat."

The actress says a sequel wouldn't be a carbon copy of the original.

She continues, "Tonally, it's incredibly different. It's much more in the vein of a Scream movie. It's about an actress whose career is kind of washing up and she gets this gig sort of like one of the unsolved mystery shows in America.

"She has to go back and do an interview at the house that no one's been in since four years ago when [the events of the first movie] occurred." back to the top

katherine heigl in us fhm

14 october


• "the guy i'm dating now is just so fan-fucking-tastic in bed "

Last month it was Charmed's Alyssa Milano, this time around it's former Roswell star Katherine Heigl who is the covergirl for the November issue of FHM's US edition. (The "TV's hottest doctor will get your heart beating!" tagline refers to her role in Grey's Anatomy.)

Inside, there's the usual scantily-clad photoshoot (samples of which are now on FHM's website) and interview:

Did a strict Mormon upbringing scar this beautiful star of The Ringer for life? Nah - she turned out to be a regular hornball just like the rest of us.

Katherine Heigl is all wrong for Hollywood: She was raised a Mormon, not a red-string-wearing, Kabbalah-lover. She loves to knit ("It's getting out of hand because I'm about to start knitting outfits for my damn dogs!"). She lates the L.A. "scene." And she'll never, ever be accused of pulling a Mary-Kate ("Doughnuts, spaghetti, whatever - I just want to eat.") Luckily, the 26-year-old has enough naughty-blonde voluptuousness going on to fuel forest fires. And Tinseltown can't say no to that.

Signed to a modelling contract at age 9, the New Canaan, CT, native started out shilling for kid-friendly Cheerios and Sears before segueing into an acting career. She nabbed her first starring role in 1994's My Father, The Hero, and by age 20, had landed a lead role on TV's Roswell. She'll next be seen in this winter's medical drama Grey's Anatomy on ABC and the upcoming comedy film The Ringer, where she stars opposite Johnny Knoxville. "Johnny was constantly fucking with everybody on set," Katherine says. "He took a cattle prod to the executive producer's thigh. Of course, he was aiming for something else..."

With all her upcoming projects, is there anything more Katherine could do to up her visibility? "Maybe I should do a sex tape," she says with a laugh. "I mean, hey, look what it did for Paris Hilton!"

We like this girl.

Let's travel back to your childhood. How has being officially beautiful since age 9 warped your fragile young mind?

I don't look in the mirror every morning and say, "Wow, baby, you are something else!" But here's the rundown - and I hope this doesn't come across as ridiculous: When people treat you a certain way for most of your life because of the way you look, you don't think about it very much. It's just the way it is. But, let me tell you, I got made fun of like you wouldn't believe all through middle school because I developed late and was flatter than the fucking wall. I got stuff like, "Were you out late last night? 'Cause you've got some bug bits." Then after I'd done Under Siege 2 when I was 16, I came back all developed and everybody thought that I'd have breast implants. I thought that was so funny, so I'd wear really tight body suits and be like, "No, no, don't bump the breast, you might pop it!" They didn't know if I was kidding or not.

Speaking of Under Siege 2, did that super-letch Steven Seagal notice your 16-year-old chest?

My mother was with me and she was very, "Do not fuck with my daughter." Steven had six bodyguards on the set and he made everyone on the project wear a badge. The one they made for my mother said, "Nancy Don't Fuck With Me Heigl."

Who is your dream celebrity bang?

I'm down with Billy Bob Thornton. He has tremendous sex appeal because he's the kind of guy who probably looks a woman in the eye when he's talking to her and makes her feel important. Johnny Knoxville has that appeal, too. He's hot, but it's an odd thing, because he's also completely out of his mind. I said to the director Peter Farrelly, "He's so nice in some ways, but there's this little bit of crazy in his eyes." Peter went, "I think it's the other way around. I think he's completely crazy, but there's a little bit of nice in him."

Even though you were a little movie star you wouldn't allowed to date until you were 16. Did you go crazy then?

No, I was a very good, pure girl all through high school. In fact, it wasn't until about a year ago that it all went to shit.

Don't tell us you didn't lose your virginity until last year.

No, but I was 22 when I did. I felt very proud that I didn't do it until my head was in the right place. See, I was raised Mormon, and I used to say I would never have sex outside of marriage. I said that. God, I always say never and I always end up doing it anyway.

So how was it?

Fantastic. Everything was wonderful, attentive, loving and, let me say one more time, attentive. If you're not attentive, it's not gonna work out, dude.

How often does a man need to give you this . . . attention?

Oh darlin', there is never enough sex. The guy I'm dating now is just so fan-fucking-tastic in bed that half the time I just want to leave the handcuffs on and say, "I've got to run a few errands, but don't you move - I'll be back!" I feel that everbody deserves fantastic sex and should settle for no less. I work hard, I deserve it. back to the top


12 october


• "it's not something i particularly want to do at this time"

Whilst promoting her forthcoming movie The Grudge, Sarah Michelle Gellar was recently asked about the chances of her committing to a Buffy movie. While she didn't want to never say never, the idea seems to be a remote one right now.

"I have a lot of hesitation about it, since it was a movie, and I spent the first year of the show constantly explaining to people, 'no no, it's not like the movie' because there was such a bias to the movie, because it didn't work as a film," Gellar told Moviehole. "And that's my initial hesitation and the other is that clearly you're going to disappoint people. I mean, I was very happy with the finale, but I still believe that it should have been two hours. I believe there wasn't enough Xander, that certain things get left out, and when you make a film you're setting yourself up to disappoint people. Part of the reason I believe the show worked was because the story's an arc and you felt for this character's experience, and it wasn't a beginning, middle and end and I don't believe she worked like that. I say that now, and if in a year they could send me the script, I could think it's great and we could be at the junket a year and a half from now, but I will say taht I have a lot of hesitations about it and it is not something I particularly want to do at this time." back to the top

smg in "the grudge"

7 october


• "you just film"

Entertainment Tonight has gone behind the scenes of the forthcoming horror thriller, The Grudge, which stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jason Behr, Clea DuVall and Bill Pullman.

"It's basically a story of a woman who had a terrible and tragic thing happen and how that emotion and anger took over," Gellar explain.

The former Buffy star said that filming in a foreign country was quite different from her experiences in the US. "I am so used to filming in an area where you have to block off all the traffic and everybody is an extra and everybody's a part of the film crew and everybody stops in between takes. But Japan is very different. You just film."

Gellar describes shooting one particular scene: "We got there at rush hour and everyone was walking to work or taking the train and they hid cameras all over," she says. "So I just walked and tried to make my way through the traffic. It was an unbelievable experience. Totally different than anything I had ever done before."

Based on the Japanese hit Ju-On, the story centres on a "grudge", which is actually a curse on someone who dies in the midst of a "powerful rage." Those who run into this be-grudged, supernatural being will die - and then carry on the same curse until it spreads and spreds. Gellar plays an exchange student in Tokyo who must confront this terrifying evil.

"It's funny, I thought this is going to be a breeze after Buffy - no more three-day fight sequences," she says. "And I found that physically this was a different kind of gruelling, almost more gruelling. I was so exhausted at the end of these days."

One thing Gellar thought would be gruelling was the language barrier while working on a Japanese set. But she says it wasn't so. "I've learned you don't need language," she says. "I now understand how students go abroad now and how people move to foreign countries. You wind up making these deep friendships because they're based on things more than natural language."

Shot on location in Tokyo, The Grudge is directed by Sam Raimi and opens in the US on 22 October. back to the top

shiri movie trailer now online

6 october


• "sexologizer 2.0 could be huge"

The website for Shiri Appleby's forthcoming movie When Do We Eat is now online. Most of the content is still waiting to be added, but Shiri can be briefly seen in the trailer that is available. back to the top

keira voted sexiest star of all time

3 october


• "i'm like a man"

Keira Knightley has been voted the sexiest movie star of all time in a poll carried out by Empire magazine, outshining current stars Julia Roberts, Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie as well as legendary beauties Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

Knightley's attitude to her looks remains a weak spot.

"I loathe watching myself," she says. "You've got your own ugly mug staring back at you and it's a jarring sensation. I always think I'm like a man.

"I suppose I'm more of a tomboy than the girlie girl, which is why I can never walk in stilettos very well."

Kate Winslet, who took top spot when the Empire poll was conducted six years ago, fell to 35th. Besides Keira, the rest of the top five was: 2nd - Angelina Jolie, 3rd - Orlando Bloom, 4th - Halle Berry and 5th - Johnny Depp. back to the top

jolie considers selling her oscar

3 october


• "i still might do it"

Giving up acting might not be all that Angelina Jolie is considering, as she admits that has thought about auctioning off her Oscar for Girl, Interrupted to raise cash for children's charities.

Although she says she was thrilled when she took the statuette home, it means very little to her now.

She says, "An Oscar is nice, but I never take that seriously and I make a point never to see awards. I give them away immediately, so that they are never in my environment.

"My Oscar is with my mom. It's just that I don't see it. I haven't seen it since day one.

"I was actually going to sell it off once for a charity, but I got talked out of it. I still might do it." back to the top

angelina reveals early retirement plan

1 october


• "my acting career is going to fizzle to very little"

According to the Irish Examiner, Angelina Jolie is working as hard as she can so she can quit to become a full-time mum and pilot before she gets bored with acting.

The actress is considering early retirement because she wants to spend more time travelling the world with an ever-growing brood of children.

She says: "I know that before I have more children in my life I want to do as much work as possible. This is my time to work because it's going to end.

"I'm going to be a mum and my acting career is going to fizzle to very little. I love to act and I love to do films but these great projects come few and far between and I am drawn more to doing other things in my life.

"I am certain that in some way I will always be an actor, but I do also find it very frustrating to do the same things over and over again.

"You put a lot of time into a project and you feel something; you try and tell a story. Then it's criticised because it's misunderstood or, for some reason, it doesn't do good at the box office. You just think: 'You know, I want to go and do something with my life that's actually practical. And I can see a thing built and I can't be misinterpreted.'" back to the top