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the women of cult television

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doherty ups "north shore" commitment

29 september


• three more episodes

According to TV Guide, former Charmed star Shannen Doherty has agreed to do another three episodes on Fox's struggling North Shore, bringing her commitment to six episodes. back to the top

garner eager for more "alias"

29 september


• "we definitely go back to the feeling of season one"

Jennifer Garner told Sci Fi Wire that the upcoming fourth season of Alias will let her character get happy. "Sydney's a little happier this year," Garner said in an interview. "She's not as lonely, and she has a sister, which I love. I'm loving working with Mia [Maestro, who plays Nadia]."

Garner said that Alias will get back to the feeling of previous seasons. "We definitely go back to the feeling of season one," Garner said. "It's not just the story structure, but there's a casualness in the relationships, like between me and Dixon, that I haven't seen since the pilot at the beginning of season one. I love that relationship so much, and she and Vaughn are trying to rekindle things. That's really fun to play."

Garner also said that she trained for the upcoming comic-book movie Elektra, which enabled her to make a smooth transition back into Sydney. Garner starred in the Daredevil spinoff during her hiatus following season three. "The great thing about playing Elektra is the training that I get to do," Garner said. "I trained an obnoxious amount on Elektra, so it's os fun to do the fights. It's fresh and so good, and I know how to use all of these new weapons. It just adds a whole new element." Season four of Alias is currently in production and will return to ABC in January 2005. back to the top

katherine heigl: role call for up-and-comers

29 september


• katie one of "new york daily news"' five to watch

Extracts from the New York Daily News, 6 September:

A few winters ago, audiences were buzzing over "hot new names" like Jude Law (in The Talented Mr. Ripley), Renee Zellweger (in Jerry Maguire), Colin Farrell (in Tigerland), Kate Winslet (in Sense and Sensibility) and Leonardo DiCaprio (in What's Eating Gilbert Grape).

This fall, these will be the biggest names on movie marquees. And coming right behind them is a crop of fresh faces. Here are five to watch for in the coming months.

Katherine Heigl

Where you'll see her: As the love interest of Johnny Knoxville, who plays a guy pretending to be mentally impaired to win the Special Olympics, in the Farrelly brothers' production The Ringer, opening 5 November. (Hey, it worked for Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary.) The 24-year-old former child model from Connecticut was previously in My Father The Hero and played a beautiful alien on TV's Roswell.

Next up: The thriller The 9th Passenger.

Why her: Nothing's sexier than a sense of humour, and Heigl must have a seriously silly side to do The Ringer.

The four others featured in the article were Naomie Harris, Jared Padalecki, Larenz Tate and Nia Long.

Note: Fox Searchlight are now indicating that The Ringer will be released in 2005 and not on 5 November as originally intended.

In other Katie news, Hallmark Entertainment have updated the official website for Love's Enduring Promise in which Katherine reprises her role as Marty Claridge.

The channel's extended synopsis for the production is as follows:

A pioneering clan struggles to stay together - for the family, for the land, and for the promise of the future - amid life's adversities...

With few alternatives, pioneer widow Marty Claridge (Katherine Heigl, Roswell) took up with Clark Davis (Dale Midkiff, Nancy Drew), a tough widower with four children - Arnie, Ellie, Aaron and Missie (January Jones, Love Actually) - in need of a mother. What began as a relationship that was strictly business led unexpectedly to deep compassion and respect. Now they have a farm to tend, a family to feed, and a lot of love to give. However, the new season is bringing unexpected surprises and hardships since an accident has left Clark incapacitated. Facing the risk of losing their crop, Marty and the kids pull together. But for nineteen-year-old Missie, life is offering something else as she discovers a new beginning of her own...

Two new suitors are vying for the attention of the lovely young schoolteacher: handsome Grant Thomas (Mackenzie Astin, The Facts of Life), a railroad man surveying the land, and Nate (Logan Bartholomew, American Wedding), a mysterious traveller who's been tending to Clark's medical needs as well as his farm. Little does Clark realise, but he's become a link between this enigmatic stranger and an old friend named Zeke, who harbours a dark secret that has shadowed his life. As Nate's true identity and mission are revealed, so is his deep affection for Missie. But before anything can come from their newfound love, he has one more duty to fulfill that will take him out west and one more promise for Missie - that he will return to claim her for his bride. Now it will take all of her faith to believe it.

Based on award-winning author Janette Oke's beloved series of bestselling books and directed by Michael Landon, Jr. (Love Comes Softly), Love's Enduring Promise is heartening and inspiring entertainment for the entire family. back to the top

angelina: no more mr. rights

28 september


• "i don't want to hurt anybody"

According to today's Daily Mirror, Angelina Jolie thinks she will never marry again - because she's too busy saving the world.

She said she will content herself instead with great lovers and friends.

Jolie, 29, explained: "Maybe who I am as a woman isn't somebody that can be the great partner and wife and also do the things I want to, be as dedicated and as in love with the world as I am."

She added: "Maybe I was more in love with the world than my husbands and my dedication was more to people I didn't know.

"I've come to realise there's a very strong possibility I might be raising my children by myself and have great lovers and friends ... and that's sad."

The star, who was wed to Billy Bob Thornton and Jonny Lee Miller went on: "I don't want to hurt anybody."

She concluded she didn't want to be leaving on a backpack trip with her adopted son Maddox "and see somebody waiting at the door". back to the top

alyssa milano in us fhm

24 september


• "why is the finest example of evolution still diddling herself?"

The US edition of FHM celebrates the start of the new TV season with a 30 page special feature in its October issue.

Charmed's Alyssa Milano, who's "gone from cute to hot to sexy to goddess among TV women" appears on the cover, as the magazine asks the vital question "why is the small screen's finest example of evolution still diddling herself?"

Those in the UK needn't worry as the magazine is readily available on this side of the Atlantic.

The new season of Charmed kicks off on The WB on Sunday, with an episode guest starring Charisma Carpenter. back to the top

majandra delfino: don't come knockin'

24 september


• new movie for former "roswell" star

Former Roswell star Majandra Delfino is to star alongside Jessica Lang, Eva Marie Saint and Sarah Polley in the film Don't Come Knockin'. The movie was co-written by Sam Shephard (who also stars in it) and Wim Wenders (who is directing it). According to Crashdown, Majandra's sister Marieh is also appearing in the film, but she is not listed on the IMdb page. back to the top

keira nominated for celeb awards

23 september


• currently second favourite to win

Keira Knightley has been nominated in the Woman of the Year category at the ITV Celebrity Awards, to be held next Tuesday 28 September and broadcast on ITV1 the following day at 8pm. Keira is currently second favourite to win. back to the top

shiri appleby: the new buffy?

18 september


• "i think it would be silly not to jump at the opportunity"

Tonight, the US Sci Fi channel premieres Darklight, starring Roswell's Shiri Appleby as Lilith, an age-old demon reprogrammed to fight the forces of evil.

"When you see a strong heroine like that in a script, I think it would be silly not to jump at the opportunity [to take the part]," the 25-year-old told TV Guide Online. "I knew it would be interesting, and it was. It's very odd looking in the mirror and seeing your face covered in purple [makeup] - definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!"

Or maybe, just maybe, twice in a lifetime, as the ending leaves the door open to a sequel, if not a series. However, Shiri says that no one's come knocking... yet. "I haven't heard anything, but I'm sure [Darklight's writer-director] Bill [Platt]'s scheming something as we speak."

In the meantime, the in-demand actress will keep busy plugging her upcoming films. Besides Havoc, Love Surreal and When Do We Eat?, she's especially psyched aobut Undertow, the drama that could catapult her closer to the league of her thespian idols, Julianne Moore and Catherine Keener. "It's sort of a breakout role for me," she suggests. "The character is a homeless runaway who meets up with Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) on the road."

No matter the boost Undertow may give her career, Shiri will continue to reserve a place in her heart for Roswell. However, despite continued interest from fans, she doubts that a movie reunion will ever come to pass.

"I was just in Paris doing press for the DVD release of Roswell, and the same question came up," she recalls. "But I've only heard about it from interviewers, not from anybody who was involved with the show.

"Still, it's a wonderful feeling to know that people [remain] so interested," she concludes. "It obviously really touched some people."

Writer/director Bill Platt describes Darklight as a "kick-ass, dark-fantasy female-superhero flick." As to its appeal: "if you like Alias, Hellboy, Blade, Elektra, Gene Colan and Jack Kirby comics crossed with Buffy, I've tried to serve up the goods in a nice package of fanboy enjoyment."

Here's how Sci Fi describes the film:

"Lilith, an ancient demoness whose true nature is concealed by a powerful spell, lives as a 24-year-old woman with no memory of her ageless past - until William Shaw of The Faith recruits her to help him stop the Demonicos, a rampaging monster that is spreading a lethal plague across the Earth and whose only vulnerability is to Lilith's unique mystical power, known as Darklight."

According to Platt, Shiri's character is "the sexy, tormented anti-heroine who becomes humanity's last hope."

The movie also stars Richard Burgi (24, Cellular, Fox's new Point Pleasant series), John De Lancie (Q on Star Trek) and David Hewlett (Stargate: Atlantis and Cube).

"I'm a diehard fan of comics, sci-fi and horror - this movie is an attempt to satisfy every genre craving I've had seen being a kid," Platt said.

"It's got a demon superheroine, science and sorcery co-mingling - which even Thundarr the Barbarian could tell you is never a bright idea - a cool winged-demon creature, and other horror/comic book-inspired nastiness." back to the top

kirsten dunst: volleying for privacy

18 september


• "i try not to be just one-dimensional in movies"

Kirsten and Jake are on the outs, Kirsten is dating a French guy, etc. etc. Teen Hollywood has talked with the 22-year-old numerous times and still she insists on keeping her private life private.

Already seen this summer as Mary-Jane in Spider-Man 2, now she's taking on romantic comedy in Wimbledon.

Although Dunst has German blood, you would think she was Italian the way she uses her hands to gesture when she speaks. As Wimbledon co-star Paul Bettany says "she's been doing this since she was a foetus" so Kirsten is hard for reporters to "crack". However, when she talked to the press at the 4 Seasons in LA recently, she did talk a lot about the perils of a "public" personal life, insecurities, her next projects, fave music etc.

Teen Hollywood: Did you know anything about tennis before you started this?

Kirsten: I had played a little when I was younger.

My dad's pretty athletic and actually, because he's German, they really are into Tennis. And so I definitely learned a little bit when I was younger and then I hadn't played in forever. So when I started this movie, I didn't watch tennis, I didn't know that much about it. I didn't know hardly anything so I had to start from ground zero.

Teen Hollywood: Was it important to look real?

Kirsten: Of course, yeah. I don't want to look like a hack out there. I mean, a lot of it's sold in the expression and the force. But then we also had experts there standing off camera the whole time telling me to lift it a little higher and throw the ball more to the left or whatever it was. They were constantly there making sure it would look authentic.

Teen Hollywood: Your character seems to have a little John McEnroe mean streak.

Kirsten: Everybody has a mean streak in them don't they? I don't know if it's mean, but she's a very angry girl. She has this doting father. Her whole entire life, it's probably one of the loneliest jobs to just be on the tour all the time and not have any friends. Your friend is your dad all the time and yeah, I'm sure it's - always training. There's a lot of anger in her.

Teen Hollywood: In tennis, what were you good at and bad at?

Kirsten: I was really bad at my serve. I wasn't so good at that. Some days I was really good and then other days - I was always trying to work it out. But my backhand was really great. Everybody was like wow, you have a great backhand. I had a two handed. I don't know, it just worked well with the way your hips are aligned. I could get that really well.

Teen Hollywood: When acting, do you have any superstitions?

Kirsten: No, I mean, sometimes I'll listen to music, but there's no particular thing that I'll do.

But I always notice when I'm not feeling confident in myself or there's something throwing me off like when people are standing in your eye line but all those distractions never bother me when I'm ready to go. But then sometimes they creep in when you're feeling insecure or something's not going right, so usually those things that are added or muted are out of insecurity a little bit. But I don't have any ritual that I do. I brush my teeth in the morning before I go to work.

Teen Hollywood: Did being so successful as Mary-Jane make you want to go in a whole different direction?

Kirsten: I don't really think that I have to change other people's perspective of me and play a killer because this way people won't think that I'm just cute or something like that. So I just do what I am moved by and then I think that if you're honest about that and you give a performance that people respond to, then - I try not to be just one-dimensional in movies anyway.

Teen Hollywood: What kinds of music are you into?

Kirsten: Right now, I really like Patty Griffin a lot and I'm always a Rufus Wainwright fan. I always am looking for new music but it's hard to find. Recently a really sexy song to me is this song from Radiohead, this Talk Show Host song. I hadn't listened to it in a while, I just listened to it again recently. I was like this is a really hot song.

Teen Hollywood: What was your experience working in the actual Wimbledon stadium in England?

Kirsten: Well, Paul [Bettany] walked on the court with all the crowds during the games. So he had a totally different experience from me. They were filming him step out and the actual Wimbledon crowd was there cheering him on. But I definitely felt the weight of this arena and it was an honour to be allowed to step on it and shoot on it. It's just really overwhelming for sure.

Teen Hollywood: Do you use things from your own life to get into character?

Kirsten: I just used myself and my feelings, but I don't say, "I remember that time when that happened and I'm pissed." I don't use my life. I try to be as present as I can and all those experiences are there because they're in me, but I don't think about them to use for a scene.

Teen Hollywood: Did you volley with Venus and Serena, and what advice did they give?

Kirsten: Serena was supposed to come down one of the days but she was busy practicing.

They're busy girls. It just seemed like a really lonely life. I watched a match between her and her sister and I can't imagine how complicated that must be. I really felt that they're just normal really cool girls and I can't imagine the stuff they have to go through together as a family. It must be really hard.

Teen Hollywood: Could you take them?

Kirsten: (laughing) Oh, yeah, right. I'd be afraid. I'd be so afraid. I'd be just crouching in the corner. They'd probably kill me with their serve.

Teen Hollywood: What sports do you play?

Kirsten: I like to swim, ping pong, charades.

Teen Hollywood: This is your first romantic comedy. Was it very different from say shooting scenes for Spider-Man?

Kirsten: Spider-Man, I love, but it's more juvenile than this one.

Every time before takes, Paul and I would, be 'here we go again', and he'd be saying 'fresh and sexy, fresh and sexy', because it's hard to keep that thing going when it's like take however many on a different angle, and it's such 'in the moment' dialogue and sometimes we have such little quips, so to make them real but natural, it's sometimes difficult to get that balance.

Teen Hollywood: What makes a really good romantic comedy?

Kirsten: I think that English humour really helps out by not making it so cutesy and the fact that I'm really the masculine energy in the film is different from most romantic comedies. In Wimbledon, you have this tennis world which sets it up for a lot of comedy and I think it's just a good balance in the movie, it's hard to make it not too cutesy.

Teen Hollywood: What is your favourite romantic movie?

Kirsten: I really loved Edward Scissorhands. It's so beautiful. I don't like those fake romance movies. I actually saw The Notebook recently and even though I didn't love the whole movie, I thought that Rachel and Ryan Gosling were so good together and I totally believed their romance. I was crying and I got into their story a lot.

Teen Hollywood: Was filming in London fun? Do you like London? What did you do there?

Kirsten: I love London, I love it there. It's hard when you're working. Everybody's fun there and you're alone there so it does get a little lonely.

But, I would ride on my Brompton bike, through Hyde Park which is so nice. And the food is great. It's heavier than LA but LA food is like salads basically. Much different way of eating but I loved the food in London. So, I'd go eat at restaurants, I went a lot to the electric cinema, I really liked it there. That's where you can go and have a glass of wine, watch the movie, and eat a little something. It was so nice. It was one of my favourite places.

Teen Hollywood: So no touristy things?

Kirsten: I've been to London a lot so I've done the touristy things but I guess I would go to museums and stuff. I remember the time I went to Wimbledon before we were shooting, my girlfriend and I, we did some cheesy tourist things like go to the London Dungeons and things like that.

Teen Hollywood: Are you surprised at your success. Was Spider-Man a big part of it?

Kirsten: I work hard but I've had plenty of failures too so I feel like I've learned a lot so I'm not surprised, I guess but I feel that if you make choices taht really mean something to you, it's hard not to feel successful. Even if they (films) don't make money, you're still doing something for yourself, then it's easier to feel successful. Spider-Man has given me the opportunity to have more choices and more opportunities. People might go see another movie I'm in that they wouldn't go to see normally, like Eternal Sunshine or something like that. The fact that I have that power now is really great and that I can be the lead in the movie and that they would finance it with me because I'm known in places that I've never been to.

Teen Hollywood: You've got some interesting projects coming up. Talk about playing Marie-Antoinette with Sophia Coppola directing.

Kirsten: I think I was 16 or 17 on The Virgin Suicides (which Coppola directed). We're shooting Marie in Paris and yeah, it sounds like a big movie but the script takes it in a very personal way too. You know her (Sophia's) movies. It's so much about the atmosphere, the place and I'm sure she's going to make it very related.

Teen Hollywood: Who is playing King Louis?

Kirsten: Jason Schwartzman. So a New York Jew and a German from Austria. My Dad's German and she's from Austria.

Teen Hollywood: Have you finished Elizabeth Town? We haven't heard much about it.

Kirsten: I'm in the middle of it and I'm having one of the best times I've ever had in a movie. I think Sophia and Cameron are two really amazing directors and respectfully they want to keep things private because why give away the movie when you can see it in a year and it's more exciting to wait and wonder what it's about, and we'll talk about it plenty in a year.

Teen Hollywood: Well, we know Marie Antoinette dies.

Kirsten: (sly look) Obviously, she's beheaded but you don't know how we're going to do it.

Teen Hollywood: When are you going to take a break and what will you do?

Kirsten: Well, I finish Cameron's movie at the end of September, then I don't work again until March, so that's a big break and then after that, Spider-Man will start in the Fall (of 2005) probably. I want to travel, I'd love to learn French because I'm going to be spending a lot of time there and I don't know what I'll do. Just get into the zone of Marie Antoinette, read a lot and take classes on dialect and all those kinds of things.

Teen Hollywood: Are you sick of all the tabloid press and intrusion into your personal life?

Kirsten: Sometimes it bother me when it's untruths and the tabloid things, but you can't let it bother you so much. It's out for a week, but I just hate when lies are made up about relationships and nobody really knows what goes on between two people so that can be frustrating or they make a big deal out of something I've said that I didn't even mean and then people get hurt. So it, I've just go to be a little more careful. Right now I understand why I'm being talked about and everything but I guess it's just up to the person to figure out what's right for them. I hate people following me home.

Teen Hollywood: So you have to change your life.

Kirsten: I have to put up more boundaries than in the past and that I can't talk about certain things because they just get manipulated. They are going to write stuff anyway. It makes it less intersting as an actress when you know too much about somebody. It loses the intrigue. It's hard to be believable sometimes if people think they know too much about you.

A lot of people have been good at it. Tom Hanks, whatever journey he takes us on, I'm right there with him. I feel like I know some things about his life, he still keeps private. I think people are obsessed with youth and what is going on in their lives. It's mostly younger people in the tabloids but lately it's all about who is having babies too. Some people ask for it a little bit. If you are buying Bentleys for each other, you have to expect it. I know where I can go and where I can't, and that when I go there I'm going to have my picture taken. It's hard living in LA because it's like a hive.

Teen Hollywood: Have you thought about moving out of LA, like Josh Hartnett?

Kirsten: It's nice to isolate yourself, but this is where my friends and families live. Josh's friends and family live there, so it would be hard for me to move because this is where everybody lives. Maybe I'll take a vacation somewhere. I'll have to ask Tom Cruise how he stays out of the tabloids. I'm working for his production company so maybe I'll ask if I can stay at one of his private islands.

Teen Hollywood: It has to be hard to break up a romance in public.

Kirsten: Nobody really understands what goes on between two people. Everybody makes up quotes that I've never said, or quotes from my friends, who would never talk about that stuff in public. Luckily when I read stuff I know that it's not true and so do the people around me. I don't feel like rectifying it either because that will just make it last longer.

Teen Hollywood: Okay, on to something else. If you were a talk show host, who would you invite on your show?

Kirsten: I'd invite Rufus Wainwright and Patty Griffin, musicians, and I'd invite Diane Keaton and I'd invite Cameron Crowe, I'd invite Mark Ruffalo, I'm good at inviting people I like. I'm just thinking aobut people I'd like to hang out with.

Teen Hollywood: Who else in Hollywood are you dying to work with?

Kristen: I'd like to work with Johnny Depp, I'd like to work with Sean Penn, I'd like to work with Pedro Almodovar, I'd like to work with Baz Luhrmann.

Teen Hollywood: What about theatre or anything outside of movies. Do you have any desire?

Kirsten: I'd like to do theatre one day. I mean right now, I feel my future's a little booked but it's something I'd love to do.

Teen Hollywood: What would you write a book about?

Kirsten: You know what I think would be really interesting to write about, are performances that I have loved, what music were they listening to at the time, or maybe like a little log of people's music that they recommend or whatever, their CD list, their mixed tapes, a little book like that.

Teen Hollywood: You've been politically outspoken lately.

Kirsten: I just encourage people to vote because it's really important. Our situation right now is pretty brutal and I hope that people think it will start to make a difference. I don't need to put my opinion on anybody else, but it's more important to find out who is who.

Teen Hollywood: Do you regret not going to college?

Kirsten: I feel that's a time in your life that I've missed the age for. I'm out of my element a bit. I'm knowledgeable about a lot of things, I've travelled the world, I've done things that a lot of people haven't been able to do so I feel like as long as you want to know things you will be okay. I feel like college is a lot about buying time where your parents support you and you don't have to worry about anything, unless you want to be a scientist or a lawyer or a doctor. I wish that I had gone, but going back now wouldn't be the same experience.

Teen Hollywood: What about high school. Were you more or less popular because you were an actress?

Kirsten: I made sure I wasn't controversial in school. I watched what I said because being an actress made me an easy target in school. I always got good grades and was nice to my teachers. I didn't act up. back to the top

kirsten dunst's upcoming projects

7 september


• "spider-man 3" to start in autumn 2005

Kirsten Dunst is currently doing the publicity rounds for Wimbledon during a break from working on Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown.

Whilst she is committed to Spider-Man 3, a fourth seems unlikely, though Dunst has regretted her previous comments indicating she wanted her character to die: "I was totally joking when I said that."

After Elizabethtown, she will film Sofia Coppola's planned biopic of Marie Antoinette - "I think Sofia and Cameron are two really amazing directors and respectfully they want to keep things private because why give away the movie when you can see it in a year. It's exciting to wait and wonder what it's about, and we'll talk abouti t plenty in a year or so."

Marie is to be shot on location in Paris and the Palace of Versailles, with Jason Schwartzmann to play her Louis - "it sounds like a big movie but the script takes it in a very personal way. [I] will have no problem playing an Austrian character because my Dad's German."

After that it's onto Spiderman 3 - "I finish Cameron's movie at the end of September, then I don't work again until March, which is a big break and then after that, Spiderman will probably start in the fall." back to the top

angelina talks "catherine the great"

7 september


• no "tomb raider 3"

Angelina Jolie might be promoting her upcoming films Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Shark Tale and Alexander, but that doesn't stop her talking about future projects now that her assassin flick Mr. and Mrs. Smith has wrapped.

On the subject of a third Tomb Raider film, it's not going to happen: "Look, I loved doing those movies, I learned so much and I had a great time, but I tend to not want to do them again."

Jolie still hopes to produce a film based on Russia's Catherine the Great: "I love those historical characters, but I do think that they need to be done right, which is why it's never been a situation where I'm certainly doing that. That one, the more I've researched her the more I think that her story is very complicated and needs to be done correctly, so I get nervous that they could be done wrong. I take it seriously especially if it's a whole people's country or a people's hero.

"To step into that and say, 'Okay I'm going to be this woman that you revere or respect or like or dislike, she's a part of your history,' then I just take that more seriously. I want to make sure that it's how people see her and it represents who she actually was. So I'm fascinated by those kinds of women, such as Olympias, who wasn't everyone's favourite woman. She was a bit dark, but I still wanted to try and respect who I thought she was." back to the top

no double-o heaven for keira fans

1 september • ananova


• "i'm no good with bikinis"

Keira Knightley has turned down the chance to be the next Bond girl because she fears she wouldn't look good enough in a bikini.

The 19-year-old Londoner has appeared in a string of roles completely starkers but fears she cannot compete with Bond girls who have included Ursula Andress and Halle Berry.

Keira was even recommended for the role by former James Bond Pierce Brosnan but she told Empire magazine: "I don't think I have the assets to be a Bond girl.

"Anyway, I'm no good with bikinis. They always have to wear bikinis, don't they, Bond Girls?"

Keira was last seen by fans romping while wearing next to nothing in King Arthur. back to the top

fly the friendly "sky" with angelina

1 september


• "she's my kind of sexy woman"

In Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Angelina Jolie leads an all-female amphibious squadron into combat in a world full of mad scientists, killer robots and daring pilots.

The actress talked to Entertainment Tonight about the movie, plus how she juggles career and motherhood.

"He knows that I dress up in funny clothes and pretend to be other people for a living," the Oscar winner said about her three-year-old, adopted son Maddox. "He just thinks I'm playful and silly."

When asked if she'd like to adopt more children, Angelina replies, "I'm sure at one point, absolutely. Many. Any time I go to another country and see an orphanage, I have that [urge] in me. I love children, I'd love to have a big family and I feel a very strong connection to orphans and kids around the world."

Arriving in US cinemas on 17 September, Sky Captain stars Jude Law as the title character who teams up with ace reporter Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the world's greatest scientists. With the help of Dex Dearborn (Giovanni Ribisi), a tech genius, and Franky Cook (Angelina), the leader of an all-female amphibious squadron, the fearless Sky Captain and Polly go up against the evil Dr. Totenkopf, who plans to destroy the world. Can our intrepid heroes stop this madman before it's too late?

"She's my kind of sexy woman," says Angelina about her character. "I would date her in a moment! She's kind of a combination between my fantasy of some great, sexual, tough, verging-on-S&M woman - and hopefully just a tiny bit of Winston Churchill, who is my hero." back to the top