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the women of cult television

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more "charmed" repeats on their way

20 january


• no sign of season 2 just yet

Despite confirming that they now have the rights to season 2 of CHARMED, Living don't want to let us see it just yet.

Instead, they will be giving season one yet another outing, starting from 7 February. This was mentioned in their mail to me a couple of weeks ago when they confirmed their purchase of season, but I dismissed it as a mistake since they were already repeating season one.

However, Charmed-UK member Del Jones was able to confirm the news that more repeats are in fact on their way after spotting it amongst February's highlights on Living's teletext service.

The only good thing is that the repeats are being stripped Monday-Friday so by the start of March we will hopefully be getting WITCH TRIAL. The downside must be the clashes with new episodes of the higher profiler ROSWELL HIGH and BUFFY on Thursdays and Fridays, just as Living's welcome run of PROFILER clashes with ANGEL on Fridays (and from March, THE X FILES on Sundays). back to the top

bitches, babes and biceps

16 january


• "charmed" girls in spelling documentary

Saturday 15 January saw a Charlie's Angels night on Channel 4, including a documentary, Bitches, Babes and Biceps, about producer Aaron Spelling. Briefly featured were Shannen Doherty in Beverly Hills, 90210 and about four seconds of the Halliwell sisters destroying Jeremy in Something Wicca This Way Comes. Let's hope this isn't Charmed's only terrestrial exposure... back to the top

living buys "charmed" season 2

10 january


• but more season 1 repeats first

Living confirmed to me today that it has bought season 2 of CHARMED but that it is not currently scheduled.

In a slightly confused mail, the channel claimed that a rerun of season one was due to start at 10.30pm on 7 February, which is strange since they've been rerunning this since the initial run ended last September!

Unless Living are planning another run of repeats, hopefully we should be getting season 2 sometime in the Spring, ideally starting after the current run of repeats end on 21 February.

Living are also running some pretty good promos with one for each sister. It's just a shame that they've started squashing the end credits up so that most of the screen can be taken up by an annoying in-vision continuity announcer. back to the top