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Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar has been slammed by her former BUFFY co-star Alyson Hannigan - for failing to tell castmembers she was quitting the show.

Gellar announced in February the show would come to an end just weeks later, so she could concentrate on her marriage to Hollywood hunk [sic] Freddie Prinze Jr.

But Hannigan is still angry she had to find out the news from the press.

She says of the announcement, "It wasn't that big of a surprise, but finding out from a magazine article - that sucked. I'm really upset that that's the way the cast and crew found out they would be unemployed."

And AMERICAN PIE star Hannigan has yet to receive an apology from Gellar, adding, "She hasn't said anything." THANKS TO KIN-MING LOOI. BACK TO THE TOP


She's not a lesbian witch, but she plays one on TV. In reali life, though, Alyson Hannigan just got engaged to Angel co-star Alexis Denisof. The couple plan to marry in California in September or October, Denisof told SciFi Wire over the weekend at the Television Critics Association confab in Hollywood.

Denisof, 36, met Hannigan, 28, when his character first appeared alongside Hannigan's Willow on Buffy. He said that, while both shows were on a Christmas production break, he took her on a romantic picnic in California's Napa Valley, where he popped the question. "I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now," Denisof told SciFi Wire. "Sorry. She's mine. All mine! Ha ha ha ha!" BACK TO THE TOP


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures has announced they have just completed deals to bring back Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy and Alyson Hannigan for American Pie 3. Seann William Scott signed on last week. Universal is also in negotiations with Jesse Dylan (How High) to direct from a script by Adam Herz. In this piece, the characters will likely find themselves having just graduated college and entering the work force. According to a source, most of the multitude of other characters are unlikely to return in the sequel. BACK TO THE TOP


07.09.2001 - Anyone waiting for the much-rumoured Buffy movie might be disappointed, if Alyson Hannigan's comments to Empire Online are anything to go by.

"There are no concrete plans," she says.  "There was talk about it around the time The X Files movie came out and it was kind of the talk of the town then.  But that went away and there's been nothing for quite some time.  I don't think it would happen, but you never know."

Would she like to do it?  "Maaaaaaybe.  It would depend on the script and the circumstances and all that.  But I know that Joss [Whedon] doesn't want to do it until after the show has completely finished.  Who knows."  Back to the top


08.07.2001 - The full trailer for American Pie 2 is now available in Quicktime format over at Apple's website, click the following links for the lo-res or hi-res versions.

Lo-Res version (8.3mb)

Hi-res version (28.3mb)

Friday's Calgary Sun carried the following article entitled "Stars grab piece of Pie":

What a difference a couple of years and a couple of movies make.

The sleeper hit of the summer of 1999 was the teen comedy American Pie.

Starring a cast of fresh-faced, virtual unknowns, this coming-of-age comedy grossed $120 million US.

On Aug. 10, American Pie 2 premieres with the original cast plus a number of guest stars.

Natasha Lyonne, who plays Jessica, the voice of reason but fabricator of tall tales, was one of the last to sign on to the sequel.

"I didn't have the sequel written into my contract and sequels don't usually appeal to me but I was in the original and I didn't want to be the only one who didn't come back," says Lyonne, who stars as the possessed teen in The Exorcist spoof in Scary Movie 2.

Lyonne was in for quite a surprise when she reported for duty.

"Everyone from American Pie seems to have become a bona fide movie star.  Movies like Road Trip, Dude Where's My Car? and Evolution have made Seann (W. Scott) huge and Chris Klein is mega watt.

"Two years ago, they were just a couple of skinny boys.  Now, they're buff hunks.  I think they spend as much effort working out as they do on their characters."

The last thing the cast did for both films was to spend an afternoon at a photo shoot.

"For American Pie, everyone was so haphazard.  They didn't care what they looked like," recalls Lyonne.

"This time around, they all arrived with their hair and make-up people.  They all had opinions on how they should be photographed and when they weren't needed they were on their cell phones talking to their agents and managers."

Jennifer Coolidge, who plays Stifler's sexually ravenous mom, says she remembers "during the first shoot, the parking lot was filled with beat-up Volkswagens and trucks.  This time it was all sports cars and SUVs.

"Mena Suvari came to set one day wearing a pair of boots that probably cost as much as she was paid for the first film."

She's quick to add "the same was not reflected in their attitudes.  They're still really sweet young people."

Shannon Elizabeth, who plays Nadia, the sexy foreign exchange student, feared her co-stars would "be pompous over their successes.  They're not at all.  They're all very down-to-earth and so grateful for what they have as a result of American Pie

"Seann is so very cool and he pretty well set the tone for all of us."  Back to the top


11.04.2001 - A short trailer for American Pie 2 is now available in Quicktime format from Apple's website.  Back to the top


19.03.2001 - While Sky Premier viewers can watch the original, American Pie 2 has already been in production for the past month, both on location and on the Universal lot.

E! Online asked what we can expect.  "There are some parallels to the first movie," says Jason BIggs.  "I do indeed have a funny gag.  There are some American Pie-esque moments - as I would describe it."

Which apparently involve Krazy Glue, masturbation and two male characters kissing full on the mouth to woo a pair of women they mistake for lesbians.

Sean William Scott, who reprises t he role of Stifler, said: "We were so lucky with that first one, and I was like, I think we should leave it as a classic.  Then I read the script for the second one, and it's the funniest I've ever read.  It's so funny.  It's not relying on the things that made the first one so good."

Well, maybe some of the things.  In Pie 2, set in the summer after the kids' first year away at college, the entire cast - including Scott, Biggs, Mena Suvari, Tara Reid, Chris Klein, Shannon Elizabeth and Eugene Levy - return to find themselves in new sexual peccadilloes: Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) has been practicing tantric sex and could blow any minute; flute-loving Michelle (Alyson) now works at that band camp; and Stifler's dad, played by Bill Paxton, joins the ensemble to illustrate the genetic source of his son's jerk tendencies.

But can a bigger cast and go-for-broke jokes ensure another box-office bonanza?

Biggs thinks so.

"The great thing about it is we're a lot more involved creatively this time," he says.  "[The producers] have been interested in our input, and it's reflected in the script - and hopefully onscreen."  Back to the top


01.03.2001 - Alyson didn't win the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series award at the 3rd TV Guide Awards, which will be shown in the US by Fox on 7 March, but she was on hand to present an award with Roswell's Jason Behr.  Back to the top


13.01.2000 - Alyson is featured in the February 2001 issue of the UK edition of FHM - further evidence, at least according to SFX that sci-fi is " and clever".

Perhaps it is, but you can be sure that FHM wouldn't have been remotely interested in Alyson had she not been an attractive young actress willing to show some flesh in the tacky photos which accompany a fairly average interview.  Well, it is FHM I suppose.

By the same SFX logic, it's safe to assume that the likes of Hollyoaks, Steps and S Club 7 are equally trendy then...  Back to the top


30.07.2000 - EOnline added this picture of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Alyson Hannigan to its fashion police section.  Here's what they had to say:

Net Result

Some '60s styles are worth revisiting.  And then there's Alyson Hannigan's dress at the Sixth Annual Angel Awards.  Her macramé affair looks more like a giant version of one of grandma's doilies than a stylish Hollywood ensemble.  Back to the top


24.05.2000 - Alyson Hannigan will be in the UK to sign copies of the first Buffy season 3 boxed video set, which features the first half of the season (up to and including Gingerbread so there will be a couple of episodes that haven't been shown by the BBC when the set is released).

Aly will be at the Virgin Megastore in Piccadilly on 12 June at 5pm for the signing.  You must buy a copy of the video from the store (RRP is £34.99), but you should be able to get one or two other items signed as well.

For those of us who live too far away from London, the set can be found discounted to £27.99 at the likes of Blackstar.  As with the first two seasons, the three tapes are also available individually for £11.99 each.  For younger fans, the set has been certified as a 15.  Click on the pic for a larger sized version.  Back to the top