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the women of cult television



Welcome to Girls Kick Ass

Girls Kick Ass was the successor to a network of sites that began with Planet Buffy in December 1998. Over the years it was joined by sites covering Charmed and Roswell, plus a reviews only site covering classic UK science-fiction.

As those series came to an end, the sites were restructured - the reviews site would be expanded to cover the US series, while Girls Kick Ass would take over the news aspect, with an expanded remit to cover actresses who starred in fantasy, horror and science-fiction films and TV series.

I've now decided to concentrate on and relaunch my blog to comment on films and TV series, plus anything else that seems interesting. Consequently, GKA will now largely provide links to stories featuring the celebrities who fall within the site's remit, which now covers cult television rather than fantasy, horror and science-fiction film and TV series. The reason? veronica mars - the best show on TV, but one that doesn't really fit into the fantasy, horror or sci-fi genres. "Cult TV" seems to cover it, though...

These changes should hopefully free up more time so that I can transfer the news archives of Planet Buffy, Planet Piper and The Crash Festival onto this site.

It's also my intention to revamp and rename in the near future so that it isn't just limited to science-fiction series.